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Are there any plans to add more high level forum categories?

I.e. “General Discussion,” “Ask a question,” “Post your monthly Net Worth updates here,” etc?

I love the way the categories are currently working, but the dashboard automatically showing each individual thread confused me at first :slight_smile:


Haha - yeah we had an internal debate on how to stage the homepage of the forums, but we might change later on :slight_smile: As for other types of dicussions/etc - hell yeah! we want to be as open and flexible as our community wants here - so we’ll be adjusting as time goes on…

FYI though you can totally create a topic/thread on anything you want even without tagging it a category. It’ll just fall under “uncategorized” for now. Or you can tag it “Let’s Talk About Money” which is general but $$-focused. Either way - we’re learning and tweaking as we go :slight_smile:


Hey Pete:

First of all, what Jay said :wink:

Second of all, I was trying to find if there’s a user-selectable view for homepage presentation (besides a global default for everyone), and haven’t found it. People always ask about it, though: https://meta.discourse.org/t/user-selectable-default-home-view-preference/12816/9

In all our research - including on the link above - it’s a 50/50 split between those who like the “All Posts” and those who like the Category view.

One of the possible solutions mentioned is to set your bookmark to the forums to go directly to Category view, if that’s the one you like. Bit of a workaround, but most of the time should give you the result that’s best for you…




Old topic but it seems to be the place for the forum feedback.

Do you have plan to add ssl to the forum ?

It would be nice to be able to log over ssl if we are on a public wifi to protect our credential.