500 Members!


Congrats @J.Money, @Steve, @Nate, and @caitflanders. Just took a look, and you…


Congrats on the 5 Century Mark - this thing’s getting legs!


Thanks man! Glad you’ve been such a big part of it so far!


That’s what I’m talking about.


Not bad, congrats!

How many have posted more than, say, 10 times? I’ve found when running discussion forums in the past that if you manage to convert about 20% of your registered members to contributing members (good old 80-20 rule) you’re doing pretty darned well.


That’s a good sized community, well done team!


Sweet! That’s the size of a small town!


Thanks! I’m loving the interactions that we’re seeing so far. This is truly awesome to see.


So SOO excited about this.

Thanks for giving our home here a chance, y’all!!


Keep it going! Love the discussion here!