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Where you live has just as much impact on your financial status as your income. Yes there are ratio’s, dual incomes etc etc. How does, where you live effect you? If planning on moving, how will it effect your retirement?

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Absolutely. Living abroad can make you feel like you are part of the top 1% though you may not qualify in absolute terms.


Living in Texas which is relatively cheap compared to almost all others… We go back and forth to Colorado and while the general cost of living is the same, housing is un-effing-believable. I honestly don’t know how people can afford homes. Even if you’re a dual income of 200k, why on gods green earth would you pay 500,000+ for a home? Renting is even higher per month. Then you’ve got to pay a state income tax even though you have yearly property tax… Love the country but I cant wrap my head around it


Costs around the country are interesting. We’re in Phoenix, where housing is moderate but we have an Amazon distribution center, Target, Walmart, and numerous grocery stores so bargains can be found fairly easily, as can jobs.

My husband is from the midwest and his grandma lives in a small town with inexpensive housing, but one way overpriced grocery store and a trip to the hardware store requires travel to a neighboring town. His parents live in a super-tiny town with no grocery store or restaurant, so getting anything requires a big trip to ‘town’ and internet is available only through pricey satellite service. Jobs are mostly for the railroad, local utility company, or the school. Otherwise, you have to move to find work.

When I think about how our trips to Home Depot usually come in threes, I think about how lucky we are that it’s less than 5 miles away instead of 100.


We lived in Texas and moved to Colorado. We’ve done okay COL wise due to the increase in salaries. I agree with you on housing and it especially gets more expensive the closer to the mountains you get. But, like any financial conscious couple, we were patient and found an economical fixer-upper that’s not too close to the mountains (although we can see Pikes Peak from our couch). We mortgaged just over $200k and can be in the mountains in about 20 minutes. Plus, the housing market has increased 12% annually. Economical houses are here…but they take some time to find.


We started looking last year. Yea we were expecting higher costs since we will be in the mountains but just not that much. We’ve looked at some handyman specials and are just not pleased so far. Also started searching foreclosure/auction due to the pricing. I refuse to go past 25% of take home for a payment w/a 20 yr note (20yrs=retirement so no pmts past that). I’ve started looking at raw land as well. I can then take my time and build as I like when I like and still stay down here with the lower col.
We will see what happens. It may not happen at all or we may wind up somewhere else but that’s our first choice.


OK glad it isn’t just us - the “trips to Home Depot usually come in threes” :sweat_smile:


I live in Colorado as well. With all of the people moving to CO the last few years the housing prices have gone up tremendously.


We have lots of family that live there and with aging folk, it’d be better if we were closer. But it will depend on the final tally… To be continued

So here’s one for ya that Im suuurrree is within budget


Oh gawd yes! Ill tackle anything but I despise plumbing for that very reason…


I live in the greater DC area and totally expect to move once I retire. I may even try to transfer to an office within my organization a few years before retirement so they will pay for the move. Probably won’t leave VA, but I may go back to Richmond where I lived previously and the cost of living is more manageable. I have also thought about taking a few years and seeing the US by doing house sitting gigs and have no permanent residence while I decide where I want to be.


We would like to travel and not own a house after FIRE for a few year until we figure out where we would like to end up. House sitting sounds like a great idea. But as far as I know most of those gigs requires pet sitting. We never had pets. That may be a problem. :slight_smile:


I am a big cat person and like dogs also so not a huge problem for me.


We live in California, and it is expensive here. I’m interested in exploring different places to retire to by taking little mini-trips now. Will be checking out Washington state, as there are no state income taxes there, and if close enough to Oregon would do shopping there as OR has no sales tax. There are a number of other states with no income tax, but they are not all places I’d like to live (think humidity or snow). :smile:


I knew a guy who was a caretake for estates - he spent a day mowing the lawn and during the week kept an eye on things. He lived in great places for no cost.


I live in US but I keep my EU passport.

I will very likely move to some place in Europe. There are many nice and affordable places in Western/Central/Eastern Europe. Quite hard to choose.