3rd Annual Suicide Prevention Blog Tour


Hey personal finance peeps! September is Suicide Prevention Awareness month. I am getting personal finance bloggers together to write posts about debt, depression and suicide. This is its 3rd year! Find more info and how to join here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeKFRzyf8X4pPJ482VVfTqFkpAjzK_YcREx0M1Yw3YhgNXv7w/viewform


I think this is really important

Part of the reason I started blogging was all of the “ I was in debt and it was stupid, now I’m not in debt and I’m smart, don’t you wanna be smart like me” blog posts I saw online.

There are a ton of people struggling and it’s not because they bought a Lexus or were trying to keep up with the Kardashian’s.

There’s so much damn judgment and condescending behavior in the PF community people are afraid to get help.

I will write a post, I will share the posts of others who do the same.


This is needed for sure. I have gotten pretty down about my student loans over the years. Never to the point of suicidal thoughts but I definitely know the weight of debt can be crushing for the spirit. Happy to address this in a post!


My brother committed suicide at the age of 29. I was 30. We were in the same grade. I wrote a post about it along time ago in an old blog. Maybe I should update it and make it current but how do I relate it to finance. Maybe there is more than a loss that’s economic. I have been wanting to post it on my blog, but I wonder if it matters if it’s not directly related to finance. Thoughts?

On a side note, there has not been a day that has gone by that I don’t think about it. He was depressed but he never showed it. He was the type of person that it was not going to be an attention getter. If he was going to commit suicide, he was going to do it. He had so much to live for just started school in Engineering, he was an artist and some of his pieces sold in San Francisco for 2,000 dollars a piece. And he had a side hustling business as an auto mechanic.

Your two ideas of suicide and depression are so important


I just read your doc. I will update my blog and post on it


Count me in. This is a big reason I started my blog. Physician burnout, depression, and suicide are huge issues. I think personal finance directly impacts them.

In addition, I had an aunt - who was more like an older sister - commit suicide when I was in residency, which profoundly impacts the way that I view all of this. She was the “happy go lucky” one of the bunch, as is so often the case. No one saw it coming.

I’ve already written on the topic before, but will write a new post because this can never be discussed enough.

Thanks for the opportunity.


It’s your blog. If it’s important to you, that’s all that matters.


Thank you! Totally agree with you and thanks for your support. I emailed you!


Same! I was sooo depressed and anxious because of my student loans. Thanks for participating, I emailed you!


I’m so sorry for your loss :frowning: My grandfather killed himself and it has had a tremendous impact on my mom’s life. And of course, I never met him. You can write about suicide in general, yes. Of course! I am more interested in spreading the message that suicide is never the answer. Thank you! I emailed you.


I’m so sorry to hear this. You never know who is struggling. Thanks for participating, I emailed you!


Agreed! Writing about suicide in general is totally fine, doesn’t have to be about money or debt, that’s just the focus. Suicide prevention in all forms is the main goal.


Thks for the email. I will participate


Yes! As a clinical psychologist, I’ve devoted my professional career to Suicide Prevention. Excellent Idea! I will be asking one of my colleagues from the Suicide Prevention Team to write a guest post for The Debt Shrink blog this month.


Today is World Suicide Prevention Day. Thank you Melanie for organizing the Blog Tour. As a clinician, I hoped my contribution could be focusing on suicide prevention, particularly as it related to triggers and safety plans for people who are struggling with debt.


Here is mine just published