2nd Month Blog Report (10,351 pageviews)-Stats & Strategies-FULL DISCLOSURE


Hi guys,

We reached 5 figures in pageviews (10,351) in our 2nd month of blogging. Make sure you check out the report especially if you have a new and/or small blog and are serious about wanting to grow your blog.


I’m going to go out on a limb here (and given my complete challenges in learning Wordpress) and say you’ve written a blog before…


Hahaha, I will take that as a compliment :grinning:. But this is our first blog ever, we don’t think we really even fully understood what a blog was until a couple of years ago.

But yes, WP does make setting up a blog very easy. But hubby, who’s a programmer, does spend some time each week customizing the blog and/or fixing technical issues.


*What you will get if you subscribe to our newsletter.

Careful with the clickbait…


Note: Don’t waste the click, you can’t get answers to most of the questions unless you subscribe.


Just following the same strategies used by bloggers who have been very successful at building their subscriber base which is actually more important than pageviews. We talk about all that in our full report.

We are subscribed to 15+ such blogs, and its their exclusive, detailed tips that they provided to their subscribers that have helped us get here and we are trying to emulate their proven strategies.


I think it is totally fair to keep all of that information behind a “subscriber wall” for your blog viewers to arrive on and subscribe to see.

But I don’t think it is fair to come onto Rockstar and self-promote, saying, “Here’s a post with all of this info” when none of it is actually included in the link you shared. Y’all are killing it with your blog, I think you’re better than that :slight_smile:


Exactly where I was coming from.

Lots of us have lead magnets. None of us self-promote on the Rockstar forums by using those lead magnets to bait and switch.


Ummmhhh just because you don’t think it’s worth it to subscribe to get the information; either because you don’t want to grow your blog, or your blog is already big, or you don’t like subscribing; doesn’t mean someone else won’t want to know about this opportunity and take full advantage of it.

We are happy if we can help just 1 person, but we have had a few bloggers subscribe since yesterday and have received positive feedback from them. Some have even reciprocated and sent us their own tips which we have found helpful/have already put to good use. Win-Win situation…


You seem to never take constructive criticism well.


This isn’t against the rules of the forum, but I personally don’t think you’re doing yourself any favors by specifically advertising material that forum members, those whom you regularly interact with and learn from, can’t actually get access to without forking over their email address.

Unless I’m misunderstanding @PFGeeks’s point, he wasn’t criticizing your decision to use that material as bait to help build your email list. That stuff happens all the time. His point (and one I would agree with), is it’s not in good form to post about that HERE, specifically advertising that content, and making no mention of the subscriber requirement in your post. It comes across as a tactic to help increase your pageviews once again for the next month. You may not have intended it to be one, but your post here comes across as purely an ad.

Ignore this critique if you’d like. It’s your call.

Congrats on all of your success with blogging.


Love the shameless plug for the rockstar feature. You are on on month two. Focus on the content and the features will come. With that said, I’ve been blogging on and off for 18 months and haven’t been featured by Rockstar Finance.

Cait did a great presentation during FinCon about how to write rockstar content - check out the YouTube video for some tips.

Otherwise, you seem to be killing it. Especially for a new blog. Your traffic beats mine.

Also - we are a friends here. We all want to help but that also requires all of us playing nicely together.


Hi Steve,

Thanks for confirming it’s not against the forum rules and thanks for the feedback. I have removed the “List of things You will Get” and I think that should do. Thanks


Thanks @guyonfire.us. Glad you liked it. And yes, Content is King. I heard about Cait’s video but I think you have to pay for it? If there’s a free, authorized link, please send it to me. Otherwise we will have to wait since our blog hasn’t made enough money yet. Thanks


Seems like there are shades of grey here. For example:

  1. Hey fellow bloggers here are a load of strategies that we want to share with you
  2. Hey fellow bloggers here are a load of strategies. But you need to sign up for member access.
  3. Hey fellow bloggers here are a load of strategies, but you need to buy our book/course to get them

#1 is cool
#3 is not cool on this forum (but cool on your blog).

#2 seems somewhat contentious.

Great results BTW.