2nd Annual Suicide Prevention Blog Tour in partnership with Debt Drop


Hey Rockstars!

Melanie here, leader of #community-fund:debt-drop the initiative to help people pay off debt.

It’s September, which means it’s Suicide Prevention Awareness Month.

Last year I organized a Suicide Prevention Blog Tour, to help get the word out about suicide prevention and debt. Many people Google “I want to kill myself because of debt” and find my blog. It’s heartbreaking and I wanted to do something about it and get the community together. It was a hit and we had 30 bloggers participate!

This year, we’re doing it again in partnership with #community-fund:debt-drop. If you’d like to participate it’s simple. We’re asking you to write a blog post about money + suicide (or just suicide in general) some time in September. We’ll provide a standard intro to include with resources for your audience. That’s it!

Please email me at [email protected] if you are interested in participating!



Love that you do this every year!! And especially this time around helping get the word out on Debt Drop too :slight_smile:

Please keep your eyes out, bloggers, for anyone who follows your blogs that could use our help! We’ve got money to give out every month to those struggling hard!


Is there any suggested articles on how to properly word posts? I know this is a delicate subject.


Good question! Yes, it is a sensitive subject. Here are some examples from last year.


This is a real public service - way to go deardebt and thanks for sharing this!


Does it have to be specifically debt and suicide related or is just the topic of suicide okay. For instance, drugs, mental health and suicide…or self medicating for mental health and suicide.

Really glad you are doing this. Very very important issue.


This is amazing! I’ll send an email when I get back onto my desktop. Thank you for this!!!


I just wrote and published this on my birthday in August. Not sure I am up for doing another post quite yet but really glad you are doing this. Money was certainly a contributor to my brother’s suicide but this post was really aimed at those who have lost a loved one to suicide.


Awww, thank you!


Good question!

In regards to the blog tour, it is focused on debt and money + suicide, but we are opening it up to anyone who wants to write about the topic of suicide in general as it’s an important cause and we don’t want to limit our impact :slight_smile:

In regards to Debt Drop, we specifically give funds to people in debt who are feeling depressed, hopeless, and/or suicidal.


I look forward to hearing from you!


I am so sorry for your loss, Jenny. I am glad you wrote about this and thank you for your support.


Four years ago, my neighbor committed suicide on the Tuesday after Labor Day. It was a heartbreaking day. His name was chuck and he was married to my wife’s cousin. On the outside, everything looked fine. He was an engineer and was married to an interior designer. They lived in a $400k house and had all of the trappings of success. A month or so before his sucide he had a breakdown. He quit his job and started acting peculiar. There was evidence that he was planning his sucide for a few weeks. He also had two little boys. I don’t know if it was completely due to his financial situation, but that was definitely a contributing factor.


I’m so sorry to hear this. Finances can definitely have a huge impact.


yeah, I didn’t know ANYTHING about debt & suicide until @deardebt started sharing about it… so SO scary as you never know who’s going down that path around us! Especially since $$$ stuff is so hush-hush in the real world!


I’d love to help with this next year. My brother committed suicide 4-18-07 and while it wasn’t about money, if I can help one person not take that dreadful plunge…I’ll consider it a success.