2019 Goal Setting Time: Who's in?!


This was fun last year so hopefully, everyone can join in the fun again! (Bloggers be sure to include your site name so I can share your goals on my podcast for a roundup).

Here are my top 5 goals for 2019 so far:

  • Buy our first rental property in cash
  • Save 50% of our income
  • Make $25,000 revenue in small business ($10,000 profit)
  • Increase our charitable giving by 1%
  • Plan a Date Night at least once per month

What are your top 5 goals for 2019?


Here are mine:

  • Update estate plan/will
  • Launch both kids on their own (#EmptyNest)
  • Take family on Caribbean vacation
  • Plan large-scale charity effort with other money bloggers
  • Decide how to allocate large cash reserve I’ve built up (thinking of putting it into market at this point)

Those are mine from ESI Money and Rockstar Finance! :wink:


Ironically my first one is the same as Esi Money.

  1. update will and trust
  2. pay off house
  3. buy a replacement car capable of towing a travel trailer using the sale of my toy car as funding
  4. Maintain saving amounts year to year
  5. foster a child


Here are mine:

  • Increase my income by $8,000 through freelance writing

  • Increase my givings rate by 3%

  • Take a cruise to the Bahamas

  • Limit the amount of time I am on social media for non-business purposes

  • Spend more time with my Godson

Oh, and I blog @peerlessmoneymentor.com



Make 6 figures by FinCon, I want to roll up to the next FinCon as a 6 figure blogger/podcaster. (Rev can be combo of Ads, Coaching, Freelance writing, Symposium, sponsorship, and affiliate sales. Cannot include day job business or side-husstle)

I have several tertiary goals that I must hit to achieved my my goal.

If for some reason I don’t hit 100k by FinCon I plan to hit by year-end.

Opps link yournoneygeek.com


Here are my top 5

  1. Finally Grab some real estate, likely a rental unit.
  2. Increase Net Worth by six figures.
  3. Implement true 5 year plan for leaving work.
    4.Turn inward for some long overdue self-improvement.
  4. Keep my blog going another calendar year (3rd).

blogging at https://othalafehu.com


Goals for 2019:

1. Have a source of income making $100/week (my current option is my blog/website, as it has great potential, I’ve already started, and it’s location independent).
2. Grow my blog (1000 email subscribers, 1000 daily page views).
3. Read 30 books (I think this is feasible, as one year Goodreads said I read around 30-ish).
4. Attend an in-person event (FinCon, Tony Robbins, or Rule #1 - or all of them).
5. Find either a mentor or a serious accountability partner near my age.

If I could accomplish just that in 2019, it would be a great year.
Good luck everybody! May 2019 be a productive year!! :+1:

  1. Contribute $19,000 into my 401(k)
  2. Contribute $5,000 into a 529
  3. Launch my first product at Vital Dollar
  4. Make $10,000 profit per month with Vital Dollar by the end of the year
  5. Attend FinCon for the 1st time

My link is https://vitaldollar.com/


If you go to FinCon we will have to eat some Chicago Pizza together… :wink:


I’m sold. I’m gonna tell Dad we have to go now. :sunglasses:

Actually, I’ve already email FinCon asking for more specifics because I didn’t want to wait until February for them to post it all. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Strictly Financial, Let’s go with…

  1. Talk @AndyHillMKM out of buying a rental property :wink:

  2. Make 2nd attempt at Meal Prepping and stick to it.

  3. Reduce expenses or earn more to reach a 50% savings rate.

  4. Continue to provide financial literacy education to my kids.

  5. Open a Sep-IRA or Solo 401K

Kylven Ross @ theFIway.com


You should request access to the private blogger area – there’s lots more stuff there.


Thanks Andy! Happy Holidays to you and the family.

  1. Purchase A New Home : selling our condos and purchasing a new home with the soon-to-be fiancee
  2. Get Engaged : speaking of soon-to-be fiancee, we will also be getting engaged (if she says yes)
  3. Invest More In Myself/Business : reverting a TBD % of income into both my career development and where I’m currently spending money on the site to best scale the blog in 2019
  4. Travel To 2 Different Continents Outside NA : travel hack our way to Europe (Spring) & South America (Fall)
  5. Boost Overall Take Home Pay 20%: Combined salary growth and revenue from the blog/side hustles to a YOY growth of 20% net vs. 2018

Scott at Making Momentum


Here are my top 5 goals for 2019. My website is time in the market.

  1. Improve savings rate over 2018. Max out 401k, Roth IRA, HSA and more.
  2. Donate money to charity via blog earnings(i.e, earn a profit of which 50%+ goes to charity as per blog mission statement).
  3. Now that I’m married, I need to create an estate plan and will and organize our various accounts and passwords in a safe space.
  4. Get in shape - work out at least 3 times a week and row more on my rowing machine.
  5. Take a nice trip and write about it. This year it was Hawaii for our honeymoon, not sure where next year will be yet.


I am beyond impressed! You seem wise beyond your years. Best of luck in 2019!

We’ll be working on our 2019 goals this week. Thanks for coordinating this @AndyHillMKM.


This is great. We just had our annual planning dinner. Interestingly, a few of ours are similar to the OP. My site is Principal F.I.

  1. Max out both 403(b) and 457 accounts - $76k total
  2. Do 2x Backdoor Roth IRA conversions - first time ever!
  3. Implement meal planning/prepping to reduce food costs
  4. Increase charitable giving by 1% of income (plan to do this annually until we hit 10%)
  5. Carve out an additional $20,000 in taxable investments in 2019


Thank you FinancialPilgrimage! Best of luck to you as well! :facepunch:


Goal set #1:

  • Quit the day job
  • Figure everything else out

Goal set #2:

  • Enjoy the lateral job move I just made for a lot less responsibility
  • Pinch myself that they pay me this to do a really easy job
  • Accomplish a lot with the firehose of cash


I was about to post my goal but am now too embarrassed since this 15 year-old is more ambitious!


Aww, come on Doc! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

According to Think and Grow Rich, the key to achieving anything is desire, massive desire.

Anyways, the whole of 2018 was one of my worst years yet so I’ve got a lot of catching up to do in 2019! :wink: