2016 - How was it for you? Financially that is


2016 was good to me!

Increased my net worth by ~25% (first full year of employment). Paid my car off, developed a plan to be debt free within 3 years, and learned so much about financial independence and freedom.

I didn’t leave the US, but I spent 8 days in Destin, 4 in Atlanta, and 9 in Ohio.

I’ve learned to be happier with less, and reach ever closer to being FI.


@thebigcheese Well done. Sounds like you had a great year. Here’s to 2017!


Everybody seemed to have a great 2016 and that’s awesome to hear. I’m right there with all of you. Big changes for me the year included:

Maxed out my ROTH in less than 6 months (I like to only use cash flow from each year as a way to force myself to save more after the holidays because I have this large expense to pay for)

Changed jobs and got a 31% raise from my old salary and bonus after including bonuses.

Double my monthly investment in a blue chip stock.

Also doubled my housing fund deposits each paycheck so I can nudge closer to becoming a homeowner.

Back in June I finally started measuring my net worth and from that point to year end it increased 24.8%.

And most importantly, I now have a serious girlfriend that I met last year that has the same goals as me and we help each other reach each other’s goals. She’s definitely a keeper and frugal (though not as extreme as me) but I think she’ll help since I’m not wining and dining new dates every so often lol


Well, 2016 was the year I discovered FI, and not even until November. Even without my new obsession, I managed to pay for a wedding and honeymoon with no new debt, and even walked away with a couple thousand left over. Since the wedding in October, we’ve banked about 10k in cash, upped my retirement contribution to 30% of my pay with my wife holding steady at 19%, paid off two of our student loans, and are hoping to close on our first condo sometime FY2017 maybe early 18. Not bad for not knowing what I was doing!

Really looking forward to the end of 2017 now that I’m actually tracking my finances more closely, setting goals, and really pushing our savings to new limits. All the while we haven’t even really seen a difference in our lifestyle.


I actually did quite well in 2016 thanks for the Canadian stock market. My net worth increased by 38% and I became a millionaire. Hopefully, I can increase my net worth by about 10% a year. If I can maintain this pace, I’ll be on FIRE in about 10 years.


For a “rookie”, I’d say you’re off to a damn good start.


I’m in Chicago right now.


2016 is dry cement!



Hi @Peter, A very balanced view. Cairns must be an amazing place to live. I liked your final piece about making new habits. I too could benefit from that, I think I’ll try it too!


Hi Erith,
Thanks for your kind words.
Yes Cairns is amazing. Im so glad we made the big move and decision. It’s also opened up new perspectives while also discovering peace and calm.
If you ever do visit Australia. Make sure you contact us. We’d love to show you the best Australia and the Great Barrier Reef has to offer :butterfly::tropical_fish::sun_with_face::tropical_drink::desert_island:


You might regret that offer! My son lives in NZ, and I am trying to fit in a trip to Oz on our next trip…

Meanwhile my goal to shift 10kg and take more exercise mirrors yours somewhat. So here’s to our improved 2017 habits!


No regrets :tropical_drink: