12 Days of Personal Finance


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I’m not the best at self promotion, and after seeing some recent discussions here, I’m a little weary to post this, but want to get the word out.

This December, I’ve been writing a lot. I came up with the idea of the 12 days of personal finance after FinCon, while looking to be unique and combine something I love talking about (personal finance) and something current (the holiday season and Christmas)

For the 12 days of Personal Finance, I’ve written 12 posts. So far, I’ve published 9 of them, with 3 left. At the end of the 12 days, I will be putting all of the posts into an eBook, and sending it off to my email list. I thought by putting it into a free eBook, people could take this and send it off to their friends and family and “give the gift” of personal finance :slight_smile:

I’ve linked all of them below:

Introducting the 12 Days of Personal Finance
Day 1: The #1 Rule of Personal Finance: Personal Finance is Personal
Day 2: 2 Easy Steps to Take for Financial Success
Day 3: Managing the 3 Big Expenses to Win With Your Finances
Day 4: 4 Metrics to Track for Personal Finance Success
Day 5: 5 Personal Finance Podcasts to Listen to for Motivation and Inspiration in 2018
Day 6: 6 Personal Finance Tool to Track Your Finances
Day 7: 7 Steps to Financial Freedom
Day 8: 8 Silly, Cheery and Great Personal Finance Videos for the Holidays
Day 9: 9 Ways to Save Thousands of Dollars Every Year
Day 10: 10(0) Personal Finance Blogs to Read in 2018

Day 11 will feature side hustles people can try.
Day 12 will be a collection of my finance book recommendations.

Like I said, in a week, I’ll be compiling all of this into an eBook PDF and sending it off to my subscribers.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas! :smiley:



Cool idea!


Day 8 Cheery not cherry right?


This is pretty daggone creative. I’m gonna hop over to your site to fall down a few rabbit holes.


Right… at least I got the title right on my blog :slight_smile:


Today I featured 100 of my favorite bloggers: 100 Personal Finance Blogs to Read in 2018


nice idea


Love the idea! Great lead magnet and way to feature other bloggers :slight_smile:


That’s such a great Idea! I might push something along a similar line on my own personal blog if I can have your approval!

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Good 12 Post Topics Day by day. Well Done…