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Let's Talk About Money

The place for us to talk about all things money... Like how to get out of debt, save a bazillion dollars, and of course hit the ultimate dream of financial freedom! It's all about the Benjamins here...

Rockstar Original Series

Our Original Series have begun! Woo!


These are the clubs that members of this forum have created around their own interests or locality. Could be open to everyone or private. Want to start your own? Create a new topic thread to gain interest, and if there is, tag @J.Money and he'll create it for you.

Rockstar Community Fund (RCF)

A place to talk about all the awesome stuff we're doing with our Community Fund! You can learn more, and get involved, at

Off Topic

A place to rap about whatever your heart desires outside of $$$/Entrepreneurship/Blogging/etc.

Forum Stuff

Tips for optimizing your experience, and a place to give your feedback/requests!

Services promotion

The Services promotion category is designed to give forum members a place to promote their own services, even if those services are not free. This is NOT a place to post affiliate links to other services.