Will you accept an Americanadian?



I’m a brand new blogger and a fairly new Canadian - actually I’m just a permanent resident. We moved to the Great White North for a job opportunity for my husband. Wow, what a beautiful country!

On my blog about our race to FIRE, I’ll be writing some posts about the transition from moving from the US to Canada. I’m just starting out on this blogging journey and I’d love to get some feedback from the True North.

Hope you don’t mind me crashing into your club!


Welcome @Dash2Retire
What part of the country did you settle down in? I’m on Vancouver Island


Thanks for the welcome.
We’re in Waterloo, Ontario - about an hour from Toronto.
We’ve done a lot of travelling in the East - Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia. Hoping to get out west this winter to go skiing at Lake Louise. Whistler seems way too intimidating!


Welcome to the club!

I’m in Alberta and you’ve already travelled more in Eastern Canada than I have, I’ve never been East of Toronto! Lake Louise, Banff and Jasper are all wonderful if you head out this way.


Welcome onboard. Nice country, for a long time it is on my bucket list :slight_smile:


Welcome. In the past two years I made the reverse trip. Lived in Kitchener-Waterloo for over 25 years and have now moved to the US for a job. I guess I’m a Canarican?


Yes, of course. Welcome!


Welcome to the club @Dash2Retire! Mr. FH and I met each other in Waterloo while we were doing undergrad at UWaterloo. We moved to San Francisco for work, but we’re planning to move back home post-FI to be closer to family in Canada. Looking forward to checking out your blog!


Thanks Sarah!

Canada certainly is a beautiful country and we’re looking forward to seeing more of it! Can’t wait to see Lake Louise.

We really loved Nova Scotia, especially Peggy’s Cove.


Thanks for the welcome.

You should definitely visit the country if you get a chance!



Where are you living in the States? Our 3 kids (all teens) were born in South Florida, so we’re still trying to adjust to the cold. They are all pretty good at shoveling snow. But with LOTS of complaining!


Maybe we’ll pass each other on the way. We’re hoping to return to the US post-FI. But of course, a lot of the plans depend on the loonie.

U of W is a great school. Even though my husband and I are both engineers by degree, none of our kids got the math/science bug. Too bad, since it’s right in the backyard. Going through the application process right now with second kid. Hoping to go to Queens or Brock for concurrent education.


Welcome! I look forward to checking out your website.


Welcome! And in case you missed it on a different thread, I highly recommend SmartWool PhD socks. :slight_smile:


We moved 300 miles (500 km) straight west, now living in West Michigan.
Although none of them went to U Waterloo, all three of my kids got the STEM bug. A daughter who majored in Chemistry and Math (that’s the S and the M), a son almost done his degree in Mechanical Engineering (that’s the E) and a son working on his Software Engineering degree at U Guelph (that’s the T).


Thanks Laura!


Hi Jenny,

I found the thread. I’ll have to check out the socks. I’m always cold, even when we lived in South Florida. So you can imagine how I’m feeling in Canada!


Do check them out–they aren’t cheap (around $20 US) but I think they are worth the money. :slight_smile:


Welcome to the club!


Thank you! Glad to be here!