Where do you and your Moose call home?


Let us know where you live in the Great White North.

Myself, I call Vancouver Island home in the beautiful PNW
Went for a hike today down near Victoria and enjoying our nice January weather.


I am in the lower mainland, in a suburb of Vancouver.


We are from Montreal suburbs, nice January weather. :wink:


No thanks ! You keep that snow out your way :slight_smile:


Another Vancouverite here.


Ottawa: scenic in winter but not green, for sure! From my lunchtime walk:


Looks like a nice day for you @Tucker



Boring Toronto Ontario here.


Anchorage, Alaska, where we finally got some snow after two weird winters.

And we really do have moose running around the place. Lots of them. They’re Anchorage’s biggest garden pests, both literally and figuratively.


Are you allowed to hunt them? That’s like free meat for a year lol.


Ok @DonnaFreedman , you are technically further north than most of us Canadians as no Yukon members or Nunavut people have chimed in lol so we will let

My family lives on the prairies and my brothers put in for Moose tags every year. @isaved5k so when they do get one, yes we get meat for over a year. A moose roast is great but you need to cook it very slow or it turns extremely tough. We have processed all our own deer and do it as a family weekend in my brothers grog now. I have memories of my Uncles doing the butchering with my Grandma on her kitchen table though :slight_smile:

On Vancouver Island we didn’t get snow the last two years and then this year we are getting buried. Crazy


My partner grew up in Alaska and he doesn’t hunt moose because we can afford to buy meat from the store.

However, he just became eligible for a proxy, i.e., he can get a moose permit and give it to someone else to hunt for him. I’m stumping for him to do that next year because we could choose the cuts we wanted, and whoever did the hunting would get extra meat for free.

People sometimes give us game and fish, but I’d be happy with some moose meat as well – especially if we didn’t have to stalk it and then cut it up.


It is a lot of meat and we are allowed to hunt – but not right in our yards! You have to go outside the city, generally.


I have never tried moose meat before. Thanks for sharing.


Ahh, that’s why it’s a pesky problem. They know the safety boundaries lol. I wonder if wolf howling will scare the off.


Two moose were illegally shot this past week in two different areas of the city. The meat wasn’t harvested, so it wasn’t a hunt per se. Guess somebody got a gun for Christmas…Grrrr. What a waste of resources.

And moose are always getting hit by cars around here.


Chiming in with Donna in Anchorage! And I literally got stuck at church last week because there was a big moose between the door of the church and my car!


Toronto in the house! Not boring at all over here :grinning:


You just brought this post back to the living :slight_smile: Obviously we have all had a busy year so far and hope everyone is having a great time on their financial journeys. I just spent the day MTB with 3 friends I made off another financial forum and had our own little meetup.