What was minimum wage when you started working?


It was $5.15 an hour when I got my first job. I didn’t feel rich but it was nice to have some spending cash.


Just came across this interesting chart…thought it relevant to share in this thread:


$4.25 an hour stocking shelves and bagging groceries.


that graph looks like a poorly drawn dinosaur


My first job that recieved a W-2, was $4.25 an hour at McDonalds. That lasted only about 3 months before heading off to college where I got the same wage doing janitorial work on campus. It was enough to pay all my bills so I didn’t have to go into debt in college. I worked the summers up in Alaska earning a whopping $6.50 an hour processing fish. :slight_smile:
That summer job was enough to pay my tuition each year at college. The minimum wage treated me well.


I worked for my uncle in a retail shop and I think I started at $3.35 and it went up to $3.80 right after I started.


I remember it like it was yesterday. I worked at Steinburg’s in Dorval Quebec. I made $1.25 per hour for one summer bagging groceries. I guess minimum wage was about the same. Learned the value of hard work. I also remember a dozen donuts were 95 cents at that time. I used to buy some on on my way home from worked. I also walked to and from work about a mile each way.


I think minimum wage was around $9 or $10 an hour when I started working. It was my first job during college…cashier at a drug store!


$10/hr to smile at people and give them stickers on their boarding pass.


I think is was in the $3/hour range. I thought I was doing great with landscaping work at $4/hour.


There wasn’t one when I started working. I think I made £1.75 an hour plus tips.


$1.25 USD per hour.


I started working in 1998 right in between the $4.25 and the $5.15 minimum wage phase-in. The grocery store paid me $4.25 on my 90 day trial period before going up to $5.15.


The minimum wage when I first started working was $7.25/hr – a decade later and it hasn’t changed in my state! A 19-year-old intern in our marketing department was complaining about how she’s earning $15/hr… Not a lot of sympathy! :roll_eyes:


I started out at $4.25 an hour as a janitor. That was the minimum wage at the time. 1995 was the year.


Start at $5.15 per hour in 2005. After a year on the job my boss told me I was doing a great job and he wanted to take care of his best employees so I was getting a raise.

Went from $5.15 per hour to $5.25 per hour. Yup.


similar… $5.15…then my next job was $9/hr and i felt so rich… I was 17


Also was $5.15/hr for me. This was back in 2000. I sacked groceries. I got a raise to $7.50/hr when I was “promoted” to a cashier.