This week's money challenge: what's your "why?"


In doing my best to set an example to my kids. I may not be able to change their lives now monetarily, but if they will take the hard learned lessons I went thru and while young, develop their financial savvy, they could change their children’s legacy and have $; freedom to when where and how, as they see fit…


Because there are so many interesting things to know in this world. I want time to explore, investigate, learn and live. I want to satisfy my curiosity, and create space to experience whimsy and spontaneity.


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I mentioned this on another thread, but basically my “why” is that my family has a history of health issues and short life spans, so if I followed the traditional retirement path, there’s a possibility that I would have only a decade or less of retirement. I don’t want to spend my life living and working on someone else’s terms and never get the chance to do the things that I want to do.

I hesitated to post this, because it sounds like it’s coming from a negative place, but it’s never really felt like that to me. It just is what it is, but I have found that it can be hard to keep it from affecting the decisions I make or the way I think about things.


Thank you for sharing this.

You are far from alone when it comes to health issues and how they relate (negatively, unfortunately) to personal finance.

Having been in the personal finance space for a few years now I’ve heard tons of stories about medical issues that take a huge toll on a persons money. (And it hits family members finances too.)

I’ve also heard stories about people who were good with their money and were able to handle a medical situation fairly well because their money situation was good.

Medical issues are tough, every time. But having money in the bank can make a tough situation easier to go through.

Medical issues can strike anyone, anytime. It’s certainly not a negative thing like how you mentioned in your post.

Thanks for sharing your “why”. I hope others see this and are encouraged. Especially those facing a tough medical situation.


Realize I am late responding to this challenge…what’s my why? Pretty simple for me…freedom and time to be me…pursue my passions, collect life experiences, and chase the next adventure. Thx


Really enjoyed reading through all of these, this was a great challenge!

I wrote a post about my “why” which you can read here:


My why is so much like that of others. I want to spend precious time with my family and not working exhausting hours for someone else’s agenda. I believe I can make a positive impact in the world with my own. Just found out about all of this but we figure we can be secure enough when our girl turns 11, a seriously intense age I want to be absolutely present for her. Finally, I want things set up for my family so they will never want for anything if I should pass before them. My mom died at 57. Every woman in my family has had bouts of cancer. I doubt I will be the exception.


Hi everyone,

For me it’s two things:

I commute 2 hours everyday by train. It’s cramped, noisy, smelly, dirty and often delayed. I look around and see people’s dead tired eyes and I think ‘what am I doing here?’.

My first why is to never have to commute again, unless I choose to.

My second why is to do more photography, maybe set up a gallery, maybe offer short breaks for those interested in photography. Combine it with days out taking photos, then everyone printing and mounting their photo of the day in a gallery, while we tuck into a homemade meal on a long table and critique each others work.


My why is to have financial stability.My mother was eaten by debt and it destroyed our family. I don’t want to be somebody who always borrow money from anyone just because she/he doesn’t have savings for it. Or someone who can buy expensive things but cannot prioritize her/his children’s education. I don’t want to live paycheck to paycheck anymore. I want to live not having to worry for my family.


That’s a great “why”.

Sorry it had to come from such a negative experience.


I’m new, so super late to this, but had to add my WHY! Especially meaningful today as my son is sick and I hate having to be away from him


My debt reflects poor choices and emotional baggage from the past. While it has been a useful learning experience, I also feel done with involuntarily reflecting upon old mistakes every time I make a payment on a credit card or rob Peter to pay Paul – I want to be able to use my money to let go of the past and to look forward.


daaaaaamn - that’s a good one!! wow… hits you right where it counts :slight_smile:


Thanks @J.Money - and thanks for the Twitter shout out!!


Here’s mine!

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