This week's money challenge: what's your "why?"


Life Insurance…Ouch! I had Life Insurance but when they did the yearly health visit found I was Diabetic…My Life Insurance was Cancelled! Mom didn’t have any either…Whatever you do get that life Insurance and keep it! You need to have that cushion to offset rising premium rates…and not SURPRISE your family with even more debt!


Yeah, fortunately it eventually all turned out OK. But I know that we were lucky, and there’s a lot of people out there that aren’t as lucky. Septic shock is fatal more than half the time, and there’s very little data on survivors other than that they have a higher 5 year mortality rate than others.


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I wish my dog was with me but my in laws loved her so much they asked if they can adopt her from us! Now she’s living a life of luxury with her grandparents lol




Just before I finally pass, I can reflect back at my life and be content.



What a great first money challenge thread! I have really enjoyed reading through these so far!

I think my why would be to create a legacy and leave something bigger than wealth for just my family, I want it to be generational and allow for us to really live and give bigger than our family!

I truly believe that handling money is a Godly act and we are just managers. If we handle it well enough, it can help others with the most important question that exists in anyone’s life, salvation. By realizing that there is more to money than just luxury and comfort, we can find others to help and grow and heal by living on less than we make and finding others that truly need help!

Don’t get me wrong, I want to make sure that I can take care of my family first, but it’s amazing to me how when we manage our finances well, how God multiplies them and grows them based on the seeds we are sowing!


Much like yours Derek. This one is going on a bookmark


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Wonderfully put! Thanks Steve!




Thank you!

I’m a teacher and my side hustle in lecturing, consulting and content writing for Project Based Learning in math and science


This…this is my why too! Do whatever I want…can’t wait!


These have all been so interesting to read!!

My “Why” is to be able to live simply and not be a burden on anyone or anything, including the planet we live on.


My childhood was non existent due to spending several years on the run in war torn Bosnia before we finally managed to escape to Germany. The loss of 30% of my whole family was extremely painful. 3 countries and several languages later my WHY is simple: I never want my children to experience not having a childhood. I never want them to worry about food, water, shelter and the most basic necessities in life.


Too cool @thiswifeslifeblogger! Here’s hoping we both realize our Why’s! I’m targeting 18 months (but hey, I’m an old guy at 53, so I’ve been working toward my “Why?” for a long time!


Gotta love it! Can they adopt me too??


Wow man. I’m so sorry you went through all that. I don’t even know what to say.


Shameless plug alert: I wrote a post about how our why is a bunch of little whys instead of one big one. If I had to sum it up, though, it would be so that we can focus on our family and those around us instead of faceless account managers that we owe money to.


I wish they can adopt me too @MissMazuma

Then again they’re not retired yet so the dog will become even more spoiled when they do! :smiley: