This week's money challenge: what's your "why?"


I want money work for me so I can work for my family. The biggest gift you can give them is the time you spend together. I don’t want to dedicate my time to an employer until I’m 60+. Life is about something more…


I’d say that My kneejerk answer is WHY NOT? If don’t build financial self-sufficiency, then that means somebody else has to support me and I don’t want to be a financial burden to anyone. The first 24-ish years completely on the parent’s dime is certainly long enough.

To take it deeper, though,

I saw a quote recently that I really liked. “The price of everything is the amount of life that you exchange for it.” I want to have more control over how I spend my time, and solving the money equation goes a long way in creating the optimal life.


My why is taking care of my family and loved ones and to savor and enjoy my time with them.

This has been a HUGE year of ups and downs for us and I want to change up my work and routine and see if I can find a better fit for this season of life.


Love that!


Always a great “why”. A very doable for most people who take the time to pay attention to their money and figure out how to make it work for them!


The fact that your money can literally work for you is amazing. And a great reminder to keep saving and investing so each dollar is like a little employee!


Holy moly! It’s so true.

I’ve heard people say things similar to this, but not exactly like this.
That is really something to think about and a great motivator too!

Thanks for sharing!


Good luck with the changes Elle, I know you will do great.
Keep us updated!



Bonus points!!!


Double bonus points for a pic WITH YOU IN IT!!?? Lol.


LOL!! Winner!

I don’t even know what to say.
This is very



I’d love to be at that point too.
Kind of tiring to be stuck in a desk job slaving away for 40+ hours a week when I could be out there doing something else (travel and creating business ventures)


My ultimate why is to be able to travel to random countries and to help in the dog homes and shelters. I know there are other “worthier” causes out there but this is my passion.


Wow, that’s a pretty awesome “why”.

Very “worthy”. If it’s important to you, that’s all that matters.


Im going for extra super duper bonus points for shaming my dog into speaking for me…

She got a jerky out of it!


Best pic ever.


She didn’t seem to think so…she is now hiding in the other room. Apparently the smell of markers or the shame alone has driven her to seclusion but I SWEAR she is excited about our future road trip! :joy:


For the freedom to have choices.


Thank you MissMazuma. So many steps to do to complete each & every thing. If the person who has passed had a Pacemaker then cremation is out…and it’s the terribly expensive funeral. Copies of Death Certificates but Credit Card Companies want a Original with the embossed Stamp. $30 for each one. . Banks do not want to help someone in this situation either. What I’ve learned is to prepay my own funeral, have a health care proxy made out and choose wisely.

I know now, no one can die with out great arrangements made in advance.