This week's money challenge: Thank the forgotten


This week’s challenge:

Think of someone who’s not normally on your Christmas gift list (but deserves something special), and find a way to surprise them with a gift.

@nate is planning on surprising his mail carrier with a small gift just to say thanks!

Your mail carrier is a great start for surprise gift ideas.

But how about the crossing guard at your kids school, bus driver, or even the custodian. Police officers, fire fighters, and sanitation workers. Think about all the people who help make your life better but that you don’t have direct contact with. Start there and I think you’ll find it easy to find someone who deserves to be thanked.

Let us know who you’re planning on thanking, and why :slight_smile:

RCF December 2016: An Unexpected Gift
RCF December 2016: An Unexpected Gift

I’ll go first (awkward! haha)

We pay my mother-in-law to watch our 2-year-old a few times a week.

But she more than deserves a super-special above and beyond thank you. We plan to take her out for coffee and brunch this week to say thanks for being such a great grandmommy.

There might be other special thank you’s occurring this week too, but this one is a for sure.


Are you talking to yourself over there? haha…

I’m gonna give to my Starbucks baristas this week. Which is something I never thought I’d say, haha, and will probably make half of you stop reading my blog because OMG I spend money on coffee!!! :wink:

But every morning I go in there for 3 hours straight, and every morning they cheerfully give me my drug and never kick me out. I always tip when I pay with cash, but lately I’ve been using my Starbucks card and for whatever reason always FORGET to tip with that? Isn’t that strange?

Sooo… this week I shall drop 'em $20! They def. make my life (and my blogs) better :slight_smile:


This sounds wierd, but we’ve got an AWESOME garbage guy! We just moved to our cabin in the mountains earlier this year. Services there are a bit more, ah, “backwoods” than here in the city.

Turns out we found this SIDE HUSTLE GARBAGE GUY who did the math and realized he could CRUSH IT by charging $10/month less than the “big guys”. He put some huge side panels on his pickup truck, and is killing it.

I like the guy’s hustle so much, I taped a $50 on the garbage can lid as a Christmas surprise. He deserves it.



Did you make sure he didn’t throw the $50 away??



That’s awesome, Fritz!! Gotta love the guy for thinking outside the box…or can as it may be. :slight_smile:


I have to think of a financial thanks for someone this week (besides free drinks on the plane when they are nice!). In the meantime, a few weeks ago when I walked from the hotel to the airport in San Diego I walked by a couple saying goodbye. The woman was in fatigues and the couple was locked in a long goodbye embrace. I continued walking to give them their space, but it really got me thinking. These people put their lives and relationships on the lines everyday so we can go about our days in peace. It is something I am grateful for but don’t often have the chance to voice it. When we landed in San Diego today that couple was still fresh in my mind. I thanked all the military personal on board for making it easier for the rest of us to sleep at night. No one was in uniform but I could tell from the “yes ma’ams” and haircuts that there were plenty on board. I was surprised shortly after my announcement that the whole plane started to clap. Apparently I am not the only grateful one. :slight_smile:


This made me realize that I forgot the janitor’s at my kids school when coming up with the little treat for all the specialty teachers and office staff. I think they deserve it more than anyone!


I’m going to get a a few small starbucks giftcards for the 2 teachers and 2 office staff at my daughter’s daycare. I know we pay (a bunch!) for her to go there, but I’ve also read all the articles coming out about the horrible level of pay at daycare facilities. I know that a lot of my money goes toward overhead, insurance, and the big guys upstairs. They all work incredibly hard to keep our kids safe and teach and play with my daughter day in and day out. They deserve an extra thank you!!!


I think there’s a resurgence of respect for our military folks, and I couldn’t be happier. Thanks to everyone who is serving, or has served. Our country, and each of us in it, owe you a tremendous gratitude.


The bus driver is a great one!

I thank them on the way on/off every day but they put up with so many rude/ungrateful people day in and day out we will have to give ours a treat this week. With all the money/time they save me its the least I can do!

Great Challenge!


I’m telling you @MissMazuma, you would LOVE this guy. He’s all smiles, totally professional, friendly, and a MAJOR hustler. I’m going to have to saddle up to him and write a post on this guy.


Worth every tip he earns. (and yeah, @DerekOlsen, I too hope he didn’t throw that $50 Christmas gift away!)


I always give my garbage men and mail carrier some cash and lottery scratch-offs for Christmas. A little thank you for their hard work.


Yes!!! I bet they always get left out :frowning: Great idea.


Here’s what I did for this challenge, although I did the writeup over in the RCF section, since I used my December #GivingCard to do it…


@Nate you overachiever :slight_smile:


As I mentioned, my wife and I and our 2-yo cooked a big breakfast and then took GrandMommy out for coffee.

We pay her to look after our 2-yo a couple times a week but she certainly deserves the extra-special thank you.

She loved it.


Yes he is. Thanks for the inspiration. He’s the perfect “unexpected recipient” for us this year. I’ve just made him a lot busier with book deliveries! :blush: We’ve just left him a little something on his last day of work before the Holidays. Our gifts are always food or treats. They’re easy to consume/regift as desired and don’t add to other people’s clutter. :gift:


My sister and I stayed in a hotel over Christmas. We chatted a bit with the staff and discovered they were there working for no extra benefits. No OT, no time and a half, not even food brought in for them. Pretty sucky on Christmas, so my sister and I gave the two housekeepers a $10 tip. We were grateful they were working so we could visit family!


Perfect way to accomplish the mission :slight_smile: