This Week's Challenge: Set a One Year Check-In With Yourself


Hey gang!

Our goal with these weekly challenges is to continually improve our finances. But why? Because money has a huge impact on the rest of your life.

But the opposite also holds true. ALL areas of your life have an impact on your money. It’s hard to separate out one from another. We need all areas working together to enjoy the good life! (Which is why some of these challenges aren’t always totally focused on money.)

Anyway… this week’s challenge hits all the different areas of life, with a twist…

This week’s challenge: Set a calendar item exactly one year from now to check in with yourself.

You can write in notes or list out any goals you’re aiming to hit by then, or you can simply ask yourself a question like, “Am I happy?” It sounds silly, but trust me – you’ll enjoy the surprise reflection in a year!

Here are some other areas you may want to check in on yourself too:

  • Finances (of course)
  • Physical fitness
  • Spirituality
  • Work and career
  • Personal development
  • Family
  • Social life

A year is a long time, but it goes by fast. If you want to start improving areas of your life, the time to get the plan together is now.

Set the calendar item before you forget, and then come back and let us know what questions you’ll be asking your future self. In a year we’ll all check in on each other :slight_smile:

Copy and paste the link to this post so you can come back here and give us your report!!




I like this! I recently read an article where a person uses March 4th every year for goal setting, launching projects, etc… The reason is because you say it as “march forth”… I thought that was pretty cool! I plan to use that as my one year check in date. :slight_smile:


This is awesome! I’m actually pursuing this this year with my 2017 Goals where I set goals in all these areas and am writing up an accountability report monthly on my progress! I’ve found it to help me tremendously so far and to make the goals stay in front of me in a way that is forcing me to make progress!


I did this as a new year review…
Dream Big

However, nothing wrong with looking at it again…

Off to look at your criteria!


Great idea. Love it.

I like picking a date that works for you, rather than just picking Jan 1 for no real reason.


Super idea! Im going to copy paste the link to this post in my calendar so I can come right back to this spot and remember what the heck I was reminding myself to do! :slight_smile: Hi future me…welcome back…from the future? Done.


Oh yes, I’ll add “copy paste link to this challenge” up in the original post, good idea.


This year I’ve been doing a monthly check-in like @SteveGoodwin is also doing. It’s helped me to both make progress and hold myself accountable when I don’t make progress! Plus it serves as a good reminder for those goals that aren’t “top of mind”. I have a few big goals that I have no problem focusing on, but also some smaller ones that could easily get lost in the shuffle if I wasn’t checking in with myself.


Love the idea of blogging a monthly check up for your goals.

If I could only find the extra time for that!

Actually, I’ve been thinking of doing it.


@DerekOlsen I’m doing a quarterly update against my goals.

Hot off the press 2017 - 1st Quarter Summary