This Week's Challenge: Sell Something on Craigslist


A Garmin on its own is no different than any other non-GPS cyclocomputer until you upload your rides to Strava etc. Then you can track your progress on segments and see how you stack up. It gets really fun when you get the higher level Garmins where you add cadence, and heart rate sensors or even a power meter. It is like Personal Capital data, but for your bike ride!


YEAH!!! Thanks for the push on this one. I have been sitting on that frickin GoPro for over a year now and never posted it. I have a couple bids so it will definitely sell and you also inspired me to post a few others. Come on big money!!!


I was using some kind of after market version. That one is much better, thanks!!


Awesome! Let us know when it sells!


I was in several bands in my teens and twenties. I know what you mean about sentimental value.

I’ve sold several instruments over the past few years. The one guitar I will never sell at any price is my Gibson SG. It was my first serious piece of equipment and I played a lot of shows with that guitar. It will forever live on under my bed!


Sold! $135 plus shipping. :+1:t3: Any bites on the car?


That’s what I’m talking about!!!

I dropped the price from $3999 to $3400 and added MUST SELL!
I had two people contact me right away and one is coming to see the car tomorrow.

oh, CarMax offered $1500!!! haha, that’s way to low.


Oh man, I want a Go Pro! Would have paid you $140! :wink:


Fingers crossed for you, @DerekOlsen. Keep us posted!


That’s the stuff! I can’t wait to see how it works out. I remembered the guy who wrote that post I talked about - Jeremy. I did a bit of poking around and couldn’t find the original source but I did find his site:

If it doesn’t go this weekend maybe you can check out his blog for more tips. The MUST SELL was the one that stuck with me. Of course, using one buyer against the idea of another is another useful tactic in sales…hopefully they come with cash in hand!


So the person test drove my car and said they will get the money and pay me tomorrow. I didn’t let them take my car.

The part that is confusing is her mom is wiring the money to her via Western Union. So tomorrow when I meet her to sell the car I expect cash but does the WU aspect mean she could have some sort of cashier’s check?


Either way, I would do the transaction at your bank to be safe.


My bank is an hour away or on the interwebs (discover bank) :-/


I suppose you could require cash if you have doubts. Just be safe and use your best judgement. Let us know how it goes. You could also had over the keys but hold the title until the check clears.


Yeah I read that you can keep the title if they give you a check. I guess there are four ways to get money from WU: cash, prepaid debit card, wire to your bank, and digital wallet. So I would assume she would do cash. Did take a pic of her driver’s license before doing the test drive.


So far this week, I’ve listed my old junker car, an electric guitar, an amp, a cookbook, and a beautiful piece of carnival glass. No takers. I must be pricing my stuff too high. Oh well, I’ll let it sit for another day or two then lower the price.


I still have my Ibanez 4 string bass! Ha! I played in a band for about 5 years! What kind of music did you play? We played heavy metal which allowed us to have a lot of fun playing while jumping around like lunatics most of the time LOL!


having a bill of sale is great too! I just googled my state and bill of sale and found plenty of ones I could print and made a couple copies to show that both parties signed.


I do this anytime we buy/sell a car. I’m not sure if it’s required but it just makes it feel like a more solid transaction.
Handing over the cash and the title just doesn’t feel like enough for such a large transaction.


Dude! Rock and roll!!!

When I first started playing guitar in middle school I was all about the metal. (Still am to this very day!!!)
I played Enter Sandman and Crazy Train at the middle school talent show.

By high school I was playing Smashing Pumpkins, Green Day and Phish.
College days was all classic rock like Led Zep and Grateful Dead.

These days it’s all worship music at church!!!