This Week's Challenge: Sell Something on Craigslist


Dude, that is a great idea. I always post as many quality pics as I can when I’m selling something. More pics = better chance at selling the item fast and for a higher amount.

But I LOVE the way you put it here, “mimicked what car websites”. Dude, that is a fantastic way to think about it.




I’ve seen a lot of activity surrounding local FB groups for buying, selling, and free stuff. I haven’t actually bought or sold anything on one yet but it’s something to keep in mind.


Yeah, I had posted it up on some Facebook groups at first, but got no hits until I put all the extra pictures up! When you are selling it, you gotta think like a retailer!


Downloaded and posted ! Thanks!


Smaaart! I am loving that idea! :slight_smile:


What craigist app did you use to sell easily?


For so psyched about this post I was home sick yesterday and am today. Already sold $73 worth of stuff. Selling off Facebook I just do porch pickups. They are all moms and are afraid of getting kicked off the site so we don’t have too many issues!


Just posted our car for sale on Craigslist.
Who wants it???!!!

How did I do @SteveGoodwin ?? Any ideas for improvement?


What does this mean? “Getting kicked off the site.”

Congrats on selling $73!!


There’s treasure everywhere!


If you’re looking for an easy to use app, I recommend OfferUp. It’s got a pretty big base and its all done through the phone. I first learned about OfferUp from J.Money and have had a lot of success selling my stuff on there.


@ApathyEnds @FinancialPanther

I just used to post my car:

Automatically posted to my FB page too! (With my permission)

I’ve never even heard of OfferUp. So thanks!
It will be interesting to see how it goes between Craigslist and OfferUp.


Most Facebook site admins have very specific rules so if you flake, steal or in general just act crazy you can be reported to admin and they can kick you out. They have a “never again” list of bad actors. In our area the moms want to buy local from eachother so it keeps us all respectful of each other.


IThanks I’ll check it out!


Literally someone just dropped off $53 in my mailbox while I was in the back of my house. I don’t even know this person. All good.


OH! I see! I was reading your comment all wrong. It makes perfect sense now. :wink:


I think you did a fine job! Love all the pics man and your description is great!


I just did it on my phone using the “CL Mobile” app.


Last week I sold an extra drum set that I had. Since I do not have time to play in bands anymore (and too old to want to play until 2am), they were taking up space. If those drums could talk! So many shows and even several CDs recorded with them. Unfortunately, there is not a way to attach your sentimental values to objects. The good news is a 17 year old kid is getting one heck of a Christmas present from his Dad.