This Week's Challenge: Sell Something on Craigslist


Really?! Awesome! Count me in!


Come on, @J.Money, you’re making us working folks who sell real products look bad!


Trying to sell an area rug we had left over from our old house thats been sitting in our garage for a year. We have a bite on that I have to follow up on in the morning. Also listed is the door prize we talked about last week when I discussed prize tax. Sadly no love so far. I think habitat for humanity may get a water filtration system.


We had the same. Crushed it for $10. Gone.

Value to us for the sale?

Priceless. Let it go. Let it go.


We have a window air conditioner unit and now have central air - its time for us to get rid of this thing! last year I offered it to a friend for a 12pack of craft beer and he never came and got it - its going this week!


Might fetch more $$ in the spring.


Any biking enthusiasts out there? Last year, my lovely wife gave me a fancy Garmin Edge 20 GPS Bike Computer. But, quite frankly, I could care less about tracking how far/long I ride. I ride the same hour loop every day :slight_smile: So, I’d be delighted to find a loving home for it. Anyone? Message me. Here’s a link to the product: I never even opened the box, so mint condition. I’ll also throw in this (unopened) Cycle Aware Flexible Helmet Mirror: (I like to focus on the road ahead!)


You came up with a plan and took immediate action, quite the impressive way to get rid of things quickly!


Same here. I once bought and hooked up a little tracking computer to my bike and then NEVER looked at it. It’s still on the bike six years later. I forgot it was even there until I saw your post here. I’m sure its battery is dead.

Anyway, I’m planning on cycling across Kansas next year!


Motivating read!..


Just sold this for $20!


I sold my Ford Escape on Craigslist very easily and got a decent amount for it. I took about 40 pictures and posted them up. I was shopping for a vehicle so mimicked what car websites did when they took their pictures. I think it really helped out selling my vehicle! Good luck!


This is hilarious that someone would drive whatever distance (hopefully super local) for ONE-half cinder block!


On Craigslist as of yesterday! Hoping it’ll sell fast! UPDATE on 12/16/16: SOLD! Yay!


Just sold my second artificial Christmas tree of the year. Found two of them thrown out on the curb during the summer. Both in great condition. Waited until now when demand would be high. Sold them!


haha - this is awesome


Has anyone tried the LetGo app instead of craigslist? They have been advertising a lot lately but not sure if there is adoption yet.


I listed all the craft supplies I haven’t touched in a year on a local FB group yesterday and someone picked it up this morning! $40, which isn’t much but I hadn’t touched it at all, so it’s a win!


Impressive? Perhaps.

NUTS!? Absolutely. We could have used a traffic cop to manage the endless stream of traffic in our driveway!


LetGo is a pretty bad app. Basically doesn’t have anyone on it. I ended up deleting the app after I never made a sale with it.

The app I recommend is OfferUp. I’d say about half my sales are Craigslist and half are on OfferUp.