This Week's Challenge: Return, Re-gift, or Donate One Thing!


We re-gifted a present candle and gave it to our grandma, who used it at our Christmas Eve dinner. She loved it! I knew she would use it a lot more than we would. :slight_smile:


that’s actually really damn cool looking!


I got 3 gifts for Christmas. My Mom crocheted a Christmas ornament for me, my mother-in-law gave us all these poncho things and our oldest gave us free babysitting. The oldest told me that his gift was really lame but I told him it’s a great gift. We can get out without taking the kids and it’s not another item cluttering up our small spaces. We took a picture of everyone wearing the ponchos then sent it to MIL and will be dropping them off at the clothing drop soon.


Free babysitting is probably the best gift you could ever give anyone ever. :wink:


I’m regifting some cat socks my mom gave me to a friend that I’m getting together with on January 2nd. My mom and I got in a big fight on the day after Christmas and she left to stay at her friend’s house. It was meant to be and I know my friend will love them! I’m also regifting my friend some hand wipes and a bag that I won online, since I have more than enough to spare!


Oh, families. What can you do? (I would totally love it if someone gave me cat socks!) :smile_cat:


Wow what perfect timing as I literally spent all day today going through boxes. Things got split into 5 piles: keep, donate, WTF White Elephant gift exchange, regift, and trash.

Weird rubber duck candles? WTF exchange bag.
Old sneakers? Trash.
4 bottles of lotion? Regift.

I’ve pared down a lot of stuff today. It feels great!


I wish I was coming to the gift exchange. Those candles sound amazing.


The bag includes a framed picture of 12 Barbies, a fabric rabbit missing an eye, a half burnt Santa candle, and the rubber duck candles. The point of the exchange is to find stuff that makes you go “…WTF!?!” for under $1. It’s cheap and hilarious!


That’s awesome. So much fun. My family does a dirty santa exchange too. Just bring something crazy that you don’t want anymore. It’s always funny.

I’ve been looking for a half burnt Santa candle!!


We always get books for presents and I tend to regift them after I’m done reading with them

What’s the point of it staying in our bookshelf if it’s already read and not something I’llr ead again? :smiley:


I got a Burt’s Bees 3-piece set of lotion and stuff, which is actually a really nice set. I’m really particular about what I use though because I get itchy. I’m planning later this year of donating a bunch of stuff to the local women’s shelter, and this will make its way into that box.