This Weeks Challenge: Picture Your Debt (Literally)


This week’s challenge: Find a way to visually track your debt progress!

Obviously there’s nothing wrong with using spreadsheets and working a debt snowball, but we are kicking it up a notch here to attack your debt with both sides of your brain this week.

Here’s a few examples of what we are talking about.

Need more inspiration?

Check out some of these spots:

And please for the love of all that is holy, share your debt art with us right here in the comments section


I haven’t taken out the pen and crayons to make anything tangible yet, due to my lack of @Ms.Montana -style artistic chops. But I did just recently put up a post for Budgets Are Sexy’s Million Dollar Club where I put my debt payoff (just mortgage and student loans) and my FI number progress (just liquid net worth) in a little progress bar. Same thing, kinda?

I really need to work on my art :slight_smile:


I love this idea.

Since I don’t have debt to pay off and I’m kind of on autopilot with finances, I’m working on something similar, but it is art for what I call my D.U.M.B. goals:


You might enjoy the money art that I facilitated at a youth personal finance workshop that was sponsored by the RCF. The goal was to create inspiration on a dollar bill and keep it where the kids would see everyday.

You can see pics here:


haha, Love the D.U.M.B. goals!


haha… thanks! Also, I should clarify that I don’t have debt that I want to pay off. The “only” debt I have is three mortgages on rental properties (and one we are selling), but we have four other properties paid in full, so I don’t want to have too much equity tied up of my own money and I would rather just invest more of my money and have someone else pay these down. However, it is still really fun to watch to the balance go down, so maybe I will do some debt art showing the amounts that go down with someone else’s money… :slight_smile:


I’d love to see a chart that focused on this!


I’m such a financial nerd that I completed this challenge years ago! This is my mortgage balance chart. What’s not shown is the savings account that I have set aside to pay it off in one well swoop in a few years. The fact that over $50k is gone from the balance in under four years is thanks to the power of a 15 year mortgage. You can see from the wrinkled paper that it’s several years old. I’ve been thinking about coloring in my savings amount on this chart in a different color, so I can watch the two lines meet-thoughts?


Not debt payoff, but I also have a chart right below this showing college savings progress for my two older boys. Both charts are inside a cabinet in my kitchen, so I’m constantly reminded of my goals. Every time I do a quarterly net worth update, I update these charts. The 13 year old is over halfway there, and the nine year old is 2/5 done.


Yes please. :wink:

I love this!!!

And yes, obviously you can do this with savings too, not just debt. I wish we had included savings, investing in the challenge, not just debt. :frowning:

Maybe we will do a savings-art challenge later!!




No crayons or markers today. But this is how I feel about our mortgage debt.


Happy V-Day to you too!! :wink:


I have no talent, it’s all stamps! =)


That is the most beautifully appropriate debt payoff photo I’ve ever seen, @Mrs_Need2save!

@Ms.Montana, talent for effective use of partially plagiarized materials? Help me out here


That works. =)