This Week's Challenge: Have a Money Date Night!


Valentines Day is around the corner! Let’s make sure everything is working smoothly in your bank account so that everything works smoothly in your bed! :joy: (Yes, they are related.)

I can’t think of even one couple who hasn’t had issues surrounding money. There’s no avoiding the issues that money brings into a relationship, so the answer is actually pretty simple (not easy, simple):


This week’s challenge: Have a Money Date with your partner, spouse, or your teddy bear*.

What you talk about is up to you. Here’s just a couple suggestions to get things rolling:

  • Your feelings: I would start here. Forget the budget for a minute, how are you both feeling about your finances?
  • Your monthly budget: Are you both agreeing on how you are spending your money?
  • Your five-year plan: Debt, dreams, savings, investing, kids. Creating a five-year plan together is really helpful to get these money talks rolling in the right direction.

Let’s get this done before Valentines Day so you can focus on things that are much more sexy. :wink:

Let us know how it goes and give us your best tips for managing your money together as a couple.

*We didn’t want to leave all you singles out of the conversation… bonus points for anyone who takes a pic with their bear or dog or cat! Or more seriously, grab a friend and you guys can be money accountability buddies.


I used to have to bribe my wife with wine in order to sit down for more than 5 seconds to talk about money :slight_smile: Now I just bring it up on the spot anytime something’s needed that way it’s like having a full hour of talking about it only spread out throughout the days haha…

I also like playing the game “guess what our net worth is now?” as she literally never has a clue. Some months she’ll guess $400,000 and other $800,000 and I’m like “COME ON!! how can you not even have an idea of how much we have?? We talk about it every month!!” So then I’ll tell her what it was last month and she’ll guess like $100k more and then I want to punch myself in the face since the real answer is never that good #FAIL


Okay, I laughed out loud at just about every sentence here.

This was NOT the response I thought we would get from a money blogger who posts his net worth every month!! Hundreds (thousands?!?) of people could guess your net worth closer than your wife.

But it just goes to prove even more that talking about money often is important. Not even money bloggers have it all together. (Not that you guys are having any issues, you know what I mean.)

P.S. I bet one of these months it WILL be $100k more than the previous month!! #win


Did someone say money date? :slight_smile:

My tip - If the numbers seem scary, start with your goals and dreams! Less stressful and it’ll help you two define what matters and you can then work together on the finances to make it happen.

We keep our money dates fairly low key - beer or wine, some awesome food, and we look at the numbers for about 5 minutes most months. For us, money dates are about checking in on our goals and discussing our lives. It’s helped us keep the mindset that money is a tool, not the goal.

Last money date was more in-depth as we’re shifting into a new year and settling into our goals.


@DerekOlsen It’s a good thing one of us cares about our $$$ :slight_smile:

Saw this on twitter just now btw - baller!!


haha, I knew it wouldn’t be long before you showed up on this thread! :wink:

Check out Couple Money everyone!!


@caitflanders has a fabulous spreadsheet we use when we do financial date nights:


Oh, I like this. Lot’s of great ideas on those posts.

Thanks for sharing.


I think Mr.Need2Save and I have the opposite problem. We maybe talk about money - early retirement - saving - paying off our mortgage, etc. a little too much! I’m not saying we have a problem, but if you know of a good 12 step program for couples we should maybe check it out, just in case. :wink:

Maybe a good challenge for us would be to have a date night and not talk about money in that context. Just live in the moment and enjoy the now. Maybe for a future week challenge? Like how parents of young kids should go on date night and talk about things other than the kids?


I can totally see needing a date night when you don’t talk about stuff like money and the kids and grown up stuff like that.

Carrie and I talk about our girls all the time when we are together. (And work too.) It’s nice for our marriage to just be a couple every now and then like the good old days when we first met!


Here’s my tip…

@CarrieOlsenVO and I had our monthly money meeting last Friday.

The big take away was that it’s okay (more than okay!) to adjust your plans often.

We’ve had a ton of big changes in our life over the past 3 years. We just had our 2nd baby girl. Carrie quit her job to start her own business. I’m working on my business too. Somehow we are making it!

What we found would happen is we would set a plan and then the plan would “fall apart” within 2-3 months. We would get frustrated and feel like we didn’t know what the hell we were doing.

BUT!!! That’s not really true. We finally realized that it wasn’t our inability to stick to a plan, it was that our surroundings and circumstance changed, again and again.

We have to re-adjust almost monthly to stay ahead of our ever changing life.

I think this is true for everyone, not just a couple with small children. I bet the plans you had when you were 25 aren’t still in effect when you are 35.

So, re-evaluate, adjust, repeat!