This Week's Challenge: Find your long lost money!


This is so silly considering how I have always been good with money (minus that 500k in mortgage debt :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:), but when I was about 20 and living in Oregon my mom got a letter in the mail from a bank I belonged to. They were wondering if I was still alive since I hadn’t made any withdrawals or deposits in 2 years. I totally forgot the account existed! In a moment I was $2500 richer than I was 2 moments before!! Hmmmm… I wonder if there is any other $$ I’ve forgotten about…


Holy cow! So, you just forgot about the account?

Did you remember after they contacted you? And was there a reason you stopped using it? (did you move away and just stop using it?)


Check your couch and your coat pockets and your car!!


Yup - I moved and totally forgot about it. And omg, You have just inspired me to write about this story. It was such a weird time in my life and the outcome is something I still struggle with- success amongst your peers. I’ve been searching for inspiration this past week and this post just wrote itself. Thanks @DerekOlsen!!


Sounds like a great read. Let us know when it’s up.


Yes! Let us know if it works out, how much it was, and what the money was from. Pretty please.


PSA, most states have timeframes that companies need to hand over unclaimed money to the state for safe keeping. Sometimes companies will hold on for a decade. So it is worth it to check your state’s site every few years.

Also, if you have trouble providing/identifying proof call your state representative to help you navigate something acceptable for your state’s controller.


Thanks for the tip. I want my $89! But I have to figure out proof for that old address…


Nothing for me, unfortunately, but I found my mom $19.98 from an old upromise credit card account :joy:


I had no idea.

So you’re saying there’s a chance.

Maybe we will repeat this challenge once every decade. :wink:


Oh definitely check more than once. In general, I started watching my pennies much more closely only about 5 years ago. I had terrible finances. I easily could have closed an account and not realized the company prorated the final month after I thought it was closed. Or after a move things don’t get forwarded. Also, it’s pretty easy to get money from deceased loved ones if you are the clear heir.


The hubs just found a huge chunk by checking our state’s treasury site, but we check regularly and the way we found out this time was kind of weird. Scam alert, really. It’s a bit complicated, so I’ll just link if that’s acceptable:


Took a while… but a I got a check for $91. Looks like it was a deposit to the utility company when I lived in Michigan. Score!



no way! Thanks for letting us know!



That’s the thing with this stuff - takes a little effort/time, but usually worth the pay out in the end. Quite literally :slight_smile: If only people took the few mins to check every few years!