The beginning of something big


Inspired by the efforts of the Human Genome Project, I created the Financial Genome Project. I’d like to visually represent a Financial Genome to help people with personal finances and expose the deep, dark secrets for all consumers. Right now, it’s a simple WordPress blog, but I have big plans. I’m an Active Duty Air Force Finance Officer who’s been in for 19 years. I did 10 years enlisted before crossing over.

I’d like to eventually transform my blog into an interactive website, then explore app development (real life choices simulator), and then finally create a community of investors, professionals, and mentors to help as many people as possible. If you’re interested please follow me on Twitter at @fingenproject, on Facebook at, or message me your e-mail to be added to our newsletter. I follow back and reciprocate engagement.


Welcome !








Welcome. Interesting project!




Welcome. Thank you for your service and good luck building out your dream!


Thank you for your support. I’m excited to work towards my dream every day.