Starting NYC Club - You in?


I just started a new thread for a meetup next Monday 1/29 at Blind Tiger Ale House @ 7:30 p.m. Hope you can join us.



Hi David - thank you for this! Are you referring to Monday 1/29 and not 1/20, right?


Ahhh! Yes, it was a typo. 1/29


Yikes I missed it! Honestly, I cannot wait to meet up once the weather gets warmer and there is more light…after work I feel like I am just rushing to get back home.
But, thank you so much David for inviting me…next time for sure.


Hi Shivika, will you please add me to this group as well? Thank you so much ahead of time.


I tried to join that group but Sandy said that I had to have participated in a prior FinCon or else I couldn’t join…


@Shivika One meetup I went to in NYC was at the monarch rooftop and it was chill. 34th street, view of the Empire State building, and the meetup had it on a Tuesday so it was slower in the evening, just entrepreneurs for the event. Free entry. August and September would be great temperature up there.


Wow, just realized I am months late to this…lol :frowning: please excuse my previous comments