Scheduling a Boston meetup?


I was also chatting with @BusyMom and I think she’s up for meeting up too!


What about @actuaryonFIRE, @ChiefMomOfficer, @MamaFishSaves, @whywemoney, @Felicity??


Actually, @elementummoney and David from are visiting Boston in the next couple of weeks. I haven’t checked with either of them yet, but are you open to meeting sooner?


I’d be interested in meeting up again also. Since we’re in to April, we probably want to start proposing dates and times soon. Maybe when details solidify we can also use the Twitter group that was set up


I’m around and pretty relaxed about timing. Would be good to meet everybody!


At this point, other than May 12/13/14/15 is good with me. That’s Questival weekend!

Here is an early doodle poll with weekend dates. :sunglasses:


Cool, thanks. That Questival event sounds pretty cool, especially to these geeky engineer ears!


I checked with David ( & Aparna (@elementummoney). David is here next weekend, and Aparna is almost too busy, but is available 21st and 22nd.
I am probably meeting David for lunch on the 14th, in case anyone wants to join us.
I have indicated my availability in the poll.


RE: Questival
I’ve never done it before, but my friends asked and I said absolutely. It’s not something I’d normally do, but I’m hoping the weather is nice. Should be a real fun event. :upside_down_face:

I will add the upcoming weekend to the poll - just thought it would be too soon. (Also I know I can’t make it.)


I’m down for another meetup, just let me know when! Evenings on the weekend still work best for me because of the drive.


Ok, throwing some dates out:
May 12
May 19
June 2

Do any of those Saturdays work? Would you be up for 4pmish or 7pmish?


Woops, sorry. Actually read the replies now. I did the poll–looks like there’s not one date that so far works for everyone. Can we push it out a bit and see if later dates work?


I’m pretty open beginning next weekend through probably the end of June.