Scheduling a Boston meetup?


Look for a redhead!


Sounds good! Fingers crossed for no snow


Coming out of the woodwork - is it Spring yet? Trying to figure out logistics here, hoping I can make it.


That would be awesome!


Cool, well you know the time and place! Hope you can make it.


Hey I should be able to make it on Saturday. I believe I met a few of you at the last Boston meetup. Looking forward to seeing everyone!




4pm tomorrow at the Barracuda! Snow won’t start till… 8-9pm, so hopefully everyone can make it home safely.

See y’all tomorrow! :sweat_smile:


I’m sorry to miss it! My ice fishing course won’t be over until 4pm, and it’s a three hour drive to Boston :frowning: Have a great time and talk money for me!! :smile: Laurie


Looking forward to seeing you all this evening!


Hey so looks like I actually won’t be able to make it today. Have fun, hope to make it to the next one!


Okay, no more dropouts. :grinning:

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No dropping out here! I’m leaving my house in about an hour


Thanks all that came out! Hope you had fun - I did! :smiley:

Looking forward to the next one!


Sorry to have missed it!! Looking forward to the next one!!! :heart_eyes:


@laurie did you catch anything?


Yes! One pickerel!!! I felt like a rockstar! (No pun intended…okay, maybe intended!!).


When do we start scheduling the next meetup? Everyone here part of the FinCon Boston list?

Crocus are starting to bloom so I’m thinking about the discussed “warm weather” meetup! :sunny:


April wouldn’t be ideal for me, but how about sometime in May?


I’d be up for a meetup any time!!! Yes, May would be great!!