Save $25 Right Now (This week's challenge)


Onto round III of our $100 Richer Month mini-challenges!

In week I, we asked you to throw an extra $25 into your investments, then in week II we challenged you to pay off an extra $25 of debt. Now for week III, we tackle another pillar of personal finances: your savings.

Ready to go?

This week’s challenge: Save an extra $25 right now!

Here are 3 quick ways to do so:

  1. Transfer $25 directly into your savings account
  2. Look for spare change/cash around your house or in your couches or in your cars
  3. Sign up for a savings app and have robots do it all for you (we like Digit, Qapital, and Tip Yourself)

For bonus points, make this $25/week recurring!

Give us a quick “I’m in!” if you accept the challenge.


I’m in! $25 extra to the house fund!