Request access to our *blogging* forum


You got it!


Requesting access. :smiley:


Access granted. :slight_smile:


Hey! Requesting access please!


May I join in? :slight_smile:


Hi - Requesting access :wink:


You’re all good to go, @SoberFinance, @xennialblogger and @FinanciallyWellOff.


Hi Steve

Please could I have access?

Thank you!


hey! could I have access to your blogging forum? Thanks!


You are both good to go, @Tuppenny and @eatmoney.


Hi, please add me in also, thanks!




can i join please? :slight_smile:


I suppose that you could. Would you like to?

You’re in. :slight_smile:


thankyou so much steve! where do i go from here? im a little lost…


The Bloggers Lounge category (that you just requested access to) is here:

You can see all categories available to you here:


Hi! May I also join the group? Thank you!


Hi, I’d like access to the blogging category if possible. I run Thanks!


You’re both in, @TheDividendPig and @MoneyManifesto. :slight_smile:


hey steve how do i write a new post on the blogging forum? mine is greyed out or is there a women list of blogs to check out or if im getting really niche aussie women fire bloggers?