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I am a full-time Civil Engineer who invests passively in Real Estate from Honolulu, Hawaii. I currently have a 11 single-family home portfolio with experience in Seattle, Birmingham, Atlanta, Indianapolis, and Pennsylvania. My multifamily portfolio consists of 1200 units in OK, TX, LA, and WA.

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My parents got screwed with the 401K and stock market and it’s my mission to get everyone out of that “garbage!” I used to own three rentals in Seattle but after 2012 when the prices got too high that realized that sophisticated buy and hold investors invest where the numbers make sense with cashflow not appreciation (gambling). I buy 100k homes for blue-collar working families that rent for 1000 dollars a month that more than pays for all repairs, vacancy, insurance, professional property management, and capital expenses.

I have a podcast where I journal about my experiences at and the "Simple Passive Cashflow” radio show that I host on Google Play/iTunes.

I am realizing that real estate people get it but investing in rental property is new to a lot of people so trying to understand how to voice to non rei people.

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Welcome to the group! I’m also a real estate investor, author and blogger with over a decade of experience. Investing in real estate definitely has it’s ups and downs…just like any other business!!