Philadelphia, NJ, or NYC Club


Hi Everyone,

Are there any clubs in Philadelphia, NJ, or NYC?

I see that there is a New England Club and a MD/VA/DC area club.

I am just wondering if there is one in-between those areas.


Sounds like we need a NYC Tri-State club. Count me in if we make one!


NJ here. I don’t get on as often as I’d like, but count me in if you want to make a club.


I’m in philly and would be interested as well.


I was going to start a meet-up thread on Twitter. I thought there were only five of us or so in NY, but clearly I’m wrong!


I am in Scranton, Pa. I am a 2 hour drive from Philly or NYC.


I am in NY and more than happy to start a NYC/Tri-state club. Starting a thread here shortly. :slight_smile:


If Minneapolis can support an active club, I would hope you could throw something together in the big cities!


I know I am little late to the game here (totally new to the forums), but I am in Philly and have been searching for a FIRE meetup in the area. If anyone is getting something together I’d love to go!


Hi All! I know this thread is old, but I thought I’d share that the Choose FI Philly group is having a meet up in King of Prussia on March 24th. Let me know if you’d like more info!


Hi Kait,

I might be interested in going.

Could you provide the details?


I would do a meet up in Plymouth meeting or king of Prussia


should we create one or will forum moderator create one for us. count me in . I live in tristate


@learnersreference and @Michael_Dinich I’m sorry I’m just seeing your posts now. We just had a ChooseFI meetup in KOP this past weekend. I would recommend joining the ChooseFI Philadelphia group on Facebook if you are interested in future meetups in the area.


I’m near NYC as well. Does this mean we haven’t made a trip-state gathering yet?

Imagine a gathering of the tri-state FIRE minds lol. Would be epic :slight_smile:


Shivika, looking forward to that one!


We had one in November, and will probably have one in the spring when some other bloggers are in town. Will post on here when it’s happening, but are you also on Twitter? Sometimes it’s good to gauge interest on there.


I can do Philly. Probably best in King of Prussia and you can get a pretty big cirlce.


I live in New Jersey and am interested. Just let me know when.