Online FI Blogger Friends Freaking Out Your Spouse?


I can’t tell if you’re being serious. :joy:

Women and men, we need to put dating on the blockchain and verify everyone’s identity first.


Well, it only took a few weeks to meet a couple of scammers.


So sweet! Sharing the same money values is soooo important!


Ha ha! This is funny to me because I can see my husband saying similar things. I, however, do not yet have the online presence to warrant any strange looks or comments from my husband. Maybe one day? Maybe this is a goal I should work toward.
Freak out husband-:heavy_check_mark:


Sometimes my wife gets annoyed with me if I am spending too much time reading or chatting with people in the financial community and not paying attention to her.

My wife never gets jealous or suspicious if I am having an online or work related affair.

She trusts me.

Plus she knows I am too cheap to take on a girlfriend.

She also knows that there are not any women out there who would put up with the idea of splitting the bill. :wink:


My husband spends half his time reading about sports on his sports apps so I am good there. Lol


I’m so glad you started a chat about this because I was starting to feel alone in this sentiment lol (no, not that you’re all pervs and prowlers lol).

The sentiment that we spend so much time blogging and conversing with other FI bloggers that our partners might start to wonder what our actual online intentions might be (which, to go along with what I’ve been seeing in the FIRE tweets, is to upsell affiliate links to Bluehost?).


Oh man, I hear you! My blogging is met with mild indifference. Unlike discussions around real money issues and there is a meeting of minds between us.


Lol. At least I’m not the only one! Love it.


There’s a rare psychiatric condition called Folie A Deux I recall learning about in med school. It’s a psychosis that two people share and ardently believe in.

So reassure your partner, Jack, that many of us have been diagnosed with Folie A FI. The voices are telling us to save, invest, and make work optional…


@crispydoc lol thank you for that. I will tell my partner, “Crispydoc said it was just Folie A FI, sweetie.”