NYC Meetup 1/29 @ Blind Tiger


Proposing a meetup while I’m in The City. Josh a.k.a. @BiglawInvestor and I plan on grabbing a bite and I can probably convince him to join me / us at Blind Tiger Ale House around 7:30 pm next Monday 1/29.

281 Bleeker Street
New York, NY 10014
(between 6th & 7th at Bleecker and Jones)

Anyone who’s interested is welcome to join.


Starting NYC Club - You in?

Have fun! If I lived closer I would stop by. Alas, I’m not quite close enough for a weeknight visit.


Ooh, sounds fun. I’m in! @theluxestrategist ?


Sounds fun! Bump. Anyone else able to make it? @BrooklynBread @theluxestrategist @TheFIJourneyman


Would love to meet up! But I’m sick right now, so I’ll have to see how I’m feeling then. If not, I’m gonna have to stalk @PoF at FinCon :slight_smile: You guys should def tweet this out, too.


I don’t think that I will be able to make it on short notice.

Meeting PoF and hanging out with the NY PF bloggers again sounds great.

I had a great time at the last meeting.

Hopefully I will be able to attend the next meet up.

Thanks for extending the invitation.


Get well! You’ve got four days. I’ve got faith in you! Rest up, drink fluids… you know the drill.


I’m in! A bit of a schlep from midtown but I’m excited!


Anyone going to the Inspire Investing NY Stock Exchange event on 1/30 (the next day)? I’ll be there.


Oooooo, I am :slight_smile:


I’m down! I am in NY for 5 days. Hella nervous to meet up though!


Yes! That’s my primary reason for the trip. I look forward to meeting you and @TheCompoundingDollar

I’m setting a curfew for that reason. Nothing good happens after midnight. Make that 11 on a Monday evening.



Likewise, this is exciting! :)))))


Just got into town and settled at the hotel.

Meeting with a college friend tonight, and I’m looking forward to meeting you all tomorrow evening.



What hotel you at? I’m at the Holiday inn in FiDi


I’m in Midtown near Madison Square Garden for a couple nights. It was a zoo with the Grammys next door.

I’ll be down there Tuesday night after the event.



Wow missing this meetup by one day! I’ve since moved to Philadelphia, but we will be in NYC Tues and Wed. Bummer!


Look forward to meeting you both.

See you then!