Now This is a Community


Pretty incredible that this even exists! Thanks, Rockstar Finance for allowing those who write about these topics to collaborate and come together. My name is Tyler. I’m a practicing CPA in the state of Pennsylvania and recently I launched a website called The Ginger CPA (as I’m both a ginger and a CPA). I want to provide people with real world, practical advice from a licensed professional’s point of view!


Welcome! Where in PA? My wife is from Erie and we met in Pittsburgh.


i’m closer to Philadelphia. The Lehigh Valley!


Hahaha hi! Yes, isn’t this place neat? Great intro!


Welcome Tyler! I’m not a ginger or a CPA, but I really like the name!


lol loving the name. Welcome to the community Tyler! :slight_smile: join in on the crazy. now you can never leave…



Welcome to the forums!


Welcome Tyler - looking forward to checking out your content


Welcome, Tyler! I grew up in Jersey just outside Camden. I know the Philly area well.