North Stars December Meet-up (2)


I totally spaced. I have that day off but the wife works until 6. Hoping to get there by 6:30ish!


Bonus: SW Transit picks up basically next to Barrio and drives all the way out to my neck of the woods.

Just got the all-clear from the wife to proceed as planned!



We have two kids with fevers, coughing, and beds full of snotty kleenex.

Unfortunately, that means we wont be coming up to the cities this week after all, so unfortunately Jaime and I won’t be able to make it tomorrow.

I can’t quite find the right emoji sad face for this one, but needless to say I’m super disappointed. I hope you guys have a fun time tomorrow. Have a beer for me :slight_smile:

Hope you all had an awesome Christmas. We’ll try to catch up next time we’re in the cities (probably sometime this summer.


Sick kids is never fun. hope everyone feels better and hope to see you next time!


@Gwen and I will be taking the bus over around 5 to take advantage of the happy hour specials. Looking forward to seeing everyone!


I’ll probably head over around 5 too. I am very lazy at work today.


Care if a new guy to the area stops by? I don’t blog but enjoy personal finance discussions.



Everyone is invited! You can definitely come!


Be there around 5

…I’ll be in a very MN shirt :grinning:


In the back corner on the left


Like this? :joy::joy:
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I saw today’s low in International Falls was -36. Brrrrr.


I had a lot of fun. can’t wait to see everyone when its a bit warmer.
Thank you @ApathyEnds for planning it!


Good to see everyone at the meetup tonight - enjoyed giving and listening to FI relationship advice for @fimike! Looking forward to the next one!


Just in case anyone else would like to meet up at the Camp FI: Midwest this summer with @fimike and I (haha) here’s the sign up link!


$400?! Does it come with a free pony?


Now I don’t feel so bad and balking at the $400 price tag. @Gwen was pretty good at selling me on it though. Maybe sales is her true calling