North Carolina Crew?


Anyone from NC (Triangle Area) that would want to meet up, grab a beer and chat about money nerd stuff?

  • Jason


From Charlotte area but will eventually be in your area later in the year!


Cool! Let me know - would love to get a group together.


Justin from Root of Good is in Raleigh. Not sure if he’s on the forums though.


I’m a new member/blogger and would love to join as well!


There is FinCon local group in Raleigh. We tend to get together every other month.


I’m in Chapel Hill. I haven’t been very active here lately but I’m about ready to jump back in.


I’m interested and in Raleigh.


You guys make sure to add yourselves to the map.


Think I did that successfully.


I’m in Charlotte and wouldn’t mind meeting some new FIRE peoples.


hey NC people! new to the forum…what’s going on?