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My wife and I just had a large financial setback. Last month we closed a business after being open only a year. This business venture depleted most of our non-retirement liquid capital, as well as all of our time and energy. The silver lining is that it forced us to reassess what we wanted to do next and what was most important to us. Did we go back to our old career fields? Did we want to start a new career? What options did we have available? We realized there was nothing stopping us from semi-retiring now. We are 47. Our house is paid off. Our retirement savings are halfway to our ultimate goal. With the power of compound interest, we should reach our minimum retirement goal in 7-10 years. Once we determined our nest egg was all set (no guarantees, obviously), it dawned on us that we only needed to bridge the gap from now until we can tap our retirement funds with no penalties at age 59 and a half. With a new semi-retirement mindset or “freedom from the rat race” outlook, we each just began working 20-40 hrs a week in retail jobs. Our focus has moved away from our careers and saving for retirement to living simply, yet more fully. I was happy to discover the FIRE movement in Money Magazine’s May 2018 edition. I am reading Your Money or Your life by Vicki Robin and really relating to it. It’s nice to find kindred spirits on this forum. We hope to set off on a travel trailer adventure in the next 2-3 years. Cheers!


Welcome to the forums!


It’s great to have you here. It sounds like you’ve been on quite the journey!