New to the forum--Michelle @ Operation Husband Rescue Blog


Welcome Michelle,

I really enjoyed your weight loss post. A lot of those programs are definitely overpriced for what they give you - especially those meal plans. Might as well buy microwave dinners for 99 cents.

All you really need is a good kettlebell, in my opinion.


Thank you!

I agree. You really don’t need much equipment to get a good workout. You can just use stuff around the house even, like bags of flour, old tires, etc etc.


Welcome! Great blog title.


Hiya Michelle, I think I saw you on Pinterest already! Yes yes, I thought your name was hilarious.


Welcome, Michelle! Really enjoyed checking out your site, love your writing style!


Twins!! I can’t imagine- it must be busy. Hope you get your husband off the 9-5 grind so he can help out with the kiddos during the day! :slight_smile:


That’s one of my ulterior motives. Muahaha. :wink:


Love the name. I endorse this message!


I might start an Operation Wife Rescue Blog but will probably get into trouble :slight_smile: There goes the dream of a Ferrari.


Can you do both (rescue wife AND have a Ferrari)?


You don’t know my wife :slight_smile:


Lol. Okay point taken!


Seems like a very reasonable journey to me! 14 years is a pretty reasonable timeline you’ll find as you read more FIRE Blogs… does a lot of case studies so you can get an idea of just how likely your goal is! Good luck! I just started my journey as well…feel free to check it out… :slightly_smiling_face:


I will do that! Thank you!


Twins, you say??? We should talk! So challenging, but so rewarding too.

Welcome aboard - and LOVE the blog title!


They sure are, on both fronts. They are my first kids though, so I don’t really even know any other way. Which is probably better. Ha! Ignorance is bliss.
Thank you very much!


This is a great goal Michelle! I definitely think you and your husband will be able to make to FIRE in 14 years. My wife and I are late 20s and targeting a 15 year FIRE goal ourselves. As you say, even if you do want to keep working, it’s nice to not have to. Welcome to the blogging world and fantastic focus for your site – I look forward to seeing your content around!