New to the forum--Michelle @ Operation Husband Rescue Blog


Hey there everyone!

I’m Michelle from over at Operation Husband Rescue Blog.

I am 29, from Pennsylvania, and my main job is being a stay at home mom to 1.5 year old twin boys. As a side hustle, I own my own (very) small business reselling items on eBay.

I’m getting involved with the personal finance/FIRE community because I am on a mission to rescue my husband from the 9-5 grind, or at least downgrade him to a less demanding and time consuming job so that we can spend more time together as a family.
My dream is to not really get to a point where we don’t have to work, because I think we both like to work. However, I’d like to be able to choose what we do, whether it be to start our own business, or work at the Krispy Kreme.

My blog is brand new and WE are brand new on our financial independence journey so I’m more or less learning right now–about blogging, investing, and personal finance in general. Full disclosure–we aren’t starting with a lot of debt in the first place. After we pay my husband’s school loan off, which stands around 11,000 I believe, we will only have a house to pay for.

I realize this is a place that some people work really hard to get to, so we are lucky to have made good previous financial decisions without even really knowing what the FIRE movement was at the time. As a result, I foresee our FIRE journey focusing on more of the wealth building aspect. I hope for our mortgage to be paid and my husband to retire (or downgrade his job) by the age of at least 50. He is 36 now. I think we can do it before that, but we shall see.

I’m so excited to join the personal finance conversation and learn so many things from all of you!


Love the name and focus of the site! Welcome!


Wow that’s an awesome wife goal! Good luck on the goal and glad you’ve stopped by!


Love your header graphic - funny! Welcome and thanks for the comment on my post today!


Welcome to the forums!




Thank you!


Welcome to the group! And kudos to the Krispy Kreme reference. :grinning:


They’re so good when they’re fresh! I imagine if you worked there you’d have all the fresh ones you wanted! :doughnut::doughnut:


Welcome to the forums Michelle!


Welcome, what a great mission!


Welcome. I’m a parent of twins as well (a boy and a girl) and appreciate how hard it can be. Good luck with your journey.


Sounds like a great story. Welcome. I will head over and check out your blog shortly.


I hope you enjoy!


They are exhausting but super fun.


Welcome to the forum


Good luck on your journey! Welcome to the forum. I look forward to checking out your blog.




Welcome. Awesome name. Wish I had a rescuer.


Welcome! Love your goals.