New Rockstar Finance syndication opportunity


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I’ll submit these two posts . . . and thanks for the opportunity. :grinning:


I know Rockstar Finance doesn’t like to publish product review posts and it may seem as though this article is such. For SEO purposes it may appear that this is a review of the RoosterMoney app, but it’s really not at the core. Rather it’s a very long experiment I conducted with my kids to see if they could become Financially Independent and never have to do a chore again. The experiment was the best thing I ever did to get the point across about saving and allowing your money to work for you. They finally get it. If RockStar Finance would like to Syndicate it, feel free to tweak the “Review” part of the article to suit this site.


Better late then never, 2 ideas from our recent archives.


Here are a couple posts that I worked VERY hard on. Hope you consider syndicating!


Great idea. Here are two of my posts for consideration. Thank you.


Such an awesome opportunity! Here are three of my top posts!



This is a great service. Thank you. I’m a new blogger and still finding my way around the neighborhood. Backlinks are hard for me at this early stage.
I’ve got a couple of articles that I think might fit.
The first is titled, Retirement Income Planning - What You Need to Know:

The second is on Social Security titled: The Top 4 Reasons to Delay Claiming Social Security

Please let me know if these fit what you’re looking for.

Thanks for your consideration.

Fred Leamnson


OK - I know I am late to the party, but I am going for 3 posts.

By far my most read post was the one I did as part of the Drawdown Strategy theme. It really shows the power of combining and supporting each other

As an already FIRE’d retiree blogger, slow travel is important to me.

My best analytical post is my analysis of 40 years of buying v renting, which was published when I was just a newbie blogger, and really didn’t get the focus it deserved.

I hope this answers what you need, and apologies for being so late - too focused on writing up my recent trip to the Outer Hebrides in Scotland!!.

A great idea, and I welcome the support



I obviously have a medical slant to my writing, but here are a couple of mine:

And this one:


Here are a few links you might like


Thanks for establishing this feature.


I’m super late on this, but thanks for opening up this opportunity!! Here’s a couple of my favorite posts:


This is cornerstone content on my site. Stock Street helps beginners learn about investing. These are the steps I use to help them. Thanks for the potential opportunity!


Hey Steve! I’d be interested in submitting! Thanks!


Great idea. Here’s an article for consideration:

Thanks in advance.


This is such an awesome opportunity. Here is our submission:

“Why we don’t follow Dave Ramsey’s Baby steps”

Thanks! :raised_hands:t4:


Here are my submission.
Thanks a bunch!


Here are mine. Thank you!