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A couple for consideration:


Awesome idea! I’m excited to see how it works (and what the traffic impact is!)


Wooooooooooooooooooooooooopie pie! :pie:


Here’s my best so far this year:




Steve-thank you for the opportunity to share here. Two of my best are linked here.


Here’s one. We may share another later.


Thank you for the consideration!


Thank you for the opportunity to submit our content!

Stay-at-Home Moms: It’s Critical to Be Involved With Your Household Finances

Best Business Mindsets for New Bloggers and Entrepreneurs

10 Immediate Actions to Take When You’re Behind on Bills


What a great idea to create a syndication option and of course I would love to pitch a few posts :slight_smile:

Here’s my newest post that goes against a pretty common theme around here:

And another of my favourites:


Thanks for the opportunity!


Appreciate the effort here at Rockstar!


Thanks for the opportunity, Steve and ESI. Here are my three favorites for consideration:


@Steve, @ESIMoney, at least 10% of every American blogger’s audience is in the U.S. military or a veteran… plus their families. Eventually someone’s going to have a question about military benefits, and I’m one of the answer guys.

According to my readers, these are (far and away) the two most popular posts over the last seven years:

I’ll admit that they might be popular because the U.S. military retirement system is too darned complicated, but it’s also possible that I’m writing stuff which people want to read.

This is the epitome of military jargon and obscure personal-finance info. I’m not trying to build a world-dominating million-dollar side hustle, so I completely understand if these links sit around until you take care of the rest of the submissions.

And thanks for building the new database!


The first 2 are two sides of the same annoying coin (one from the contractor side and the other from the sending business side). These are especially applicable to the freelance/blogging community and I have both used them directly and have had FinCon’ers use them to fix their own 1099 situations!

The next 2 are posts which generate a lot of discussions within each article.


Hey all! First, what a response! Thanks so much for your interest in syndicating your content on Rockstar.

As you can see, we have a TON of material to go through, so please bear with us as we get everything sorted out. It’ll take some time to get everything up and running and things scheduled, so please don’t take it personally if you don’t see your stuff on the site. Though we can’t possibly choose everything, even the things that we do choose will take time.

Thanks again!


Here are two posts for your consideration. Thank you!!


Awesome! Here are two of mine :slight_smile:

The Best 529 plan article still has 2017 fee structures as I was waiting for some prospectus details from certain states for 2018. I will be updating that post in the next couple weeks to reflect current fees and tax information.


And one more :wink:




Thank you for the opportunity! Below are a couple of my best posts for your consideration.