New Rockstar Finance syndication opportunity


This sounds like a great opportunity! Here are a couple of my posts:


Cool opportunity. Here are a couple recent ones I love.


Thanks so much for the opportunity guys!

Here’s a couple:


Thanks for the opportunity. Appreciate it!


Hi Steve,

Just received news of the new syndication opportunity and think it is an awesome idea for the community.

Here are three articles I am most proud of:

Thank you!


Here’s a couple that might work!



Woot! Woot!


So excited to pitch myself — after being featured on a round-up last year, I caught the Rockstar bug!


Here’s an oldie of mine that’s very similar in style to my other Rockstar Features:

I’m really proud of how this next one turned out, because I think its message is so important yet almost never discussed:

And on a numbers basis, this has been my most popular recent article by far:

Thanks guys!


Thanks @Steve & @ESIMoney. Pulled two different ones here as the content everyone is sharing in this post is truly Rockstar:


Thanks for the opportunity! These are a couple of posts that may be a good fit:

Thanks for sharing my recent post about failing the CFP exam! :smile:



Cool. Here are a few of mine that cover simple living in a different way than other fire blogs.


Thanks for the opportunity!


Super cool! I’ve always wanted to be syndicated - these are two of my most popular posts from this quarter (that aren’t about weddings haha):


Thanks for pulling this together guys!


Great idea guys! We’ve got a few posts that we are very proud of, and in fact are at the top of Google for a ton of keywords. You may not be interested in these as they are list type posts, but let me know!

One thing though, the content on the top stock lists is locked. Usually you’d have to subscribe to our newsletter to view the top 5. However, I can give you the whole article to syndicate so it won’t be an issue on Rockstar.


This is probably my best work to-date. It highlights all the options available for Australians to go solar.


Thanks for the opportunity! Here are 2 of my favorite financial posts:


Thank you for the opportunity.


Here’s a couple. Thanks for the opportunity!