New Rockstar Finance syndication opportunity


This is a great opportunity. Thanks for posting this and thanks for considering me!


Cool! Here’s an article of mine. Thanks for your consideration!

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Thanks for the opportunity Steve!! Here are two that are still relevant…


Below are two posts that I’m most proud of. Thanks for the opportunity!


Thanks for this opportunity


Here are a couple from our blog about topics that are important but don’t get enough attention. Thanks for the consideration!


Great idea, thanks for the opportunity. Here are a couple of my favorite posts:


Thanks for the opportunity ESI & Steve. Here are a few that I’d love for you to consider.

Quick question - Are there any negatives in terms of SEO or other risks that republishing could cause?



It’s been a while since one of my posts has been on Rockstar Finance - here’s a good one:


Sounds interesting.


Great stuff! Thanks for the consideration!


Awesome, I love easy, free clicks! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the opportunity!


Awesome. My new blog is still in “coming soon” page but this from my Medium blog.


Thanks for the opportunity, Steve. Here are a couple of posts for your consideration:


Here are two of mine for consideration:


Aw shucks - you guys are the best! Thanks for the opportunity!

– Jim


Thanks for the opportunity Steve and ESI

Here are 2 of my more recent good articles:


For consideration:


This is a fantastic opportunity! Thank you!
I would love to be considered :slight_smile: