New Blogger saying hello


OH MY GOD YOU GUYS, I’ve followed Rockstar Finance here and there for a while, but I somehow never knew there was a forum… and now I look and it’s like - everyone I like and follow from Twitter and out there in the blogosphere :slight_smile: really cool. Look forward to learning from and following you all. I heard there’s a secret bloggers forum as well, but when I tried to click the link I got an error message :frowning: can I request access?
Anyhow, I’m a nurse, homeschooling mom, finance geek, digital nomad, travel addict - I’ve just started writing about all of those things :wink:


Welcome to the fun Kate!


Welcome to the Freak Show, Kate!! Jk - we’re all pretty normal here.

Look forward to checking out your new blog!



@Steve can you see about the access?


Hello and welcome! Lots of good info (and people) here in the forums!


Welcome to the group Kate! :grinning:


Yep! You now have access to the Bloggers Lounge, @Kate.


Hey Kate, welcome to the crew! (I love how I got to say that I’m a blogging veteran. I’ve been on the forums for a week)


lol, what @Accidental_FIRE said. Welcome to the fun, Kate! (and craziness and creative energies)


Hi Kate and welcome!


Welcome Kate !
You will love it here


Welcome! Checking out your blog now…




Welcome to the forums!


Welcome, Kate!


Welcome fellow blogger!


Welcome and glad to have you.