Millennial Career/Finance Blogger Saying Hello!


So excited to finally introduce myself after lurking in the community, and being in the directory.
Tori from Seattle – founder of Victori Media, career/travel/finance for the ambitious millennial woman. After starting my first business at age 9, I’ve been inspired by conversations about how money affects women and can be a resource to fuel goals. More about me, if you’re curious.
Outside of my blog, I do digital marketing at a fintech start-up called Tomorrow, which allows users to plan for their families’ financial future by creating a will/trust and purchasing life insurance. It’s a beautiful app, and we’re thrilled to help users of every economic background prepare for their futures. We’ll be starting an affiliate program soon (so please comment if you/your blog would be interested!)
I’m so excited to connect with you all – let me know how I can support you!


Welcome to the group!


Hi Tori - Welcome to the forums!


Welcome !


Welcome! I love the Pacific Northwest.

Look forward to checking out the blog.


Great to hear your background! That’s a very young age to start a business. Welcome to the group! :slight_smile:




Hi Tori! Welcome! I like how you work your name into your blog’s title lol. Fun play on words. And the app sounds cool! -Jack


thanks for joining! love to see women in finance!


Thanks so much for the support, Jack! And let me know what you think of the app!


Advocating for women in finance and career is my passion! <3


Thank you so much! It was such an awesome experience — taught me about money at a young age, how to serve customers, etc.


Welcome to the community, great job becoming a young entrepreneur, and awesome app! I would be very interested in discussing it on one of my sites ( or, especially if it helps users develop a will for free. Also, props for sharing only term life insurance – avoiding whole life insurance makes you far more credible in my eyes. Let’s keep in touch!


HEY I know you! Haha welcome :smile:!!