May Meet Up Anyone?


I have a wedding on the 19th so my vote is for the 20th. Made it official on the poll :slight_smile:


I’m free after noon on May 19, anytime on May 20. Looking forward to it!


The 20th works for me, although I think I just voted for the19th. The afternoon would be best for me though.


@Erik_MastermindWithi Dang, I’m out of town that weekend unfortunately.


Shoot - I have a wedding in Madison that weekend!


I’m running a trail building volunteer day that weekend, sorry gang.


Now the interesting part - location suggestions?


Location: Where ever Krystal was last night for $4 margs and free chips!


Ha! The free bingo + chips/salsa special is on Thursday night’s, but they have some pretty great specials the other night’s of the week too:


Erik’s backyard?


Great suggestion!

I also have a great space/backyard/deck as well that I’d love to use to host a future meet up but I live in Champlin so I’m not sure how willing people would be to travel.


Sure, it’s central… I’ll provide the space, you provide some drinks :wink:

I’ll write a note to everyone providing my address


Awesome! Thanks Erik. Did we decide on a final date/time?


May 20th, 2 PMish


So Sunday is my sister’s confirmation… I won’t be able to host or do anything Sunday the 20th.

Are people fine with Saturday? I can still host in the afternoon.


Works for us!


19th works for me @Erik_MastermindWithi


I’ll have to miss out on this one. We have a wedding that day!


Okay great, let’s do 2 PM to whenever (5 PM?), May 19th.

I’ll send out my address to everyone in a direct message.

Feel free to bring the entire family as I have a fenced-in backyard, and have some yard games for kiddos. (Croquet and bags/cornhole)

For food and drink…

@ApathyEnds – protein (your pork shoulder was amazing back in December :slight_smile: )
@budgetOnaStick - side
@AllSheSaves - side
@Cubert - beverages
@ModernSuzy - dessert
@Gwen and myself - other protein and beverages

Look good?

Gwen can’t have gluten, but I’m not sure anyone else has any restrictions.

@WealthWellDone @moneymatters @marriedwithmoney @Goodnightdebt - do you have any interest in this as well (don’t want to leave anyone out - anyone else I’m missing?)

I’m sad Financial Panther , Grounded Engineer , and fivefeetsmall can’t make it, but we will have another one surely in July or August! :slight_smile:

Gwen and I are looking forward to hosting :slight_smile:


We have a 3 yr old and 1 year old that would be more likely to come if other Rugrats plan on coming.

Maybe not since this is during nap time. (Checking with wife)