May Meet Up Anyone?


Hi North Stars! Fivefeetsmall here. I know I’m a newbie but seeing as the last meet up was in December and I wasn’t fortunate enough to be a part of the Cool Kids Club yet - I’d love to initiate talks about having one in April so I can finally meet some of you! Anyone interested? :blush:


My April is wide open…for now :wink:


Once @Gwen is up, I was planning on doing a big MN blogger BBQ… :slight_smile:

That could wait for the summer though…


You know I’m in, @fivefeetsmall!

Can’t wait for that BBQ too @Erik_MastermindWithi… can it be springtime now?!


What an awesome idea!

@AllSheSaves Yes!! Seeing you gets more exciting every time we reunite now :hugs:


Has anything been set for an April or spring meet up?


I was thinking about this. Anyone free the 20th-22nd ?


I could do happy hour on the 20th possibly, or something mid afternoon on either weekend days I think.


Both dates work for me! Looking forward to getting together with all of you again.


Noooo! We are going to a family thing out of town that weekend!


Shucks, that’s too soon for me. Mid May anyone? The sooner we get something on the books, the easier it’ll be to coordinate with more people (hopefully ha ha).


As of now I’m clear all of may except the 5th
But will have my son’s birthday party a some Sunday


I am pretty open in May as well!


I’m open any time :smiley:


Im Open!


May works better for me personally


If we usually meeting on weekend, how about the 19th or 20th of May? Weeknights are usually ok for me too. Somewhere central I suppose?


I’m free for either day! Hopefully the snow is gone by then…:sob:


Kicking this off again, May 19th or 20th works. Lets have a poll:

  • May 19th
  • May 20th

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@FinancialPanther @Cubert


Either work for me depending on the time. I’d be free after 1 on Saturday and free all-day Sunday