Keeping with the Joneses


Just thought I share something I heard while listening to none other than a Joe Rogan podcast.

The part I’m referring to begins around the 1 hour and 50 minute mark where Bret Weinstein explains that humans are biologically wired to attempt to emulate others that appear to be more successful at living. This trait for our ancestors was a survival instinct that has been passed down through the millennium and now is known as the keeping up with the Joneses syndrome we all know and love.

The entire episode is extremely fascinating and I highly recommend it!!!


We found ourselves in the race when we moved from New Orleans (where we lived in a low to middle income neighborhood) to Cali where we lived in a upper middle to upper class neighborhood. It is crazy how quickly we adapt to fit our surroundings.

No bueno.
But also why your 5 closest friends are what you will likely be like. So keep yourself surrounded by good peeps with similar values.


Wow, thanks very much for posting that. That was an incredibly intellectually stimulating conversation. Those two guys are brilliant and that was time well spent.


Peterson has a ton of other videos on Youtube that are fantastic.

One that I watched last night was on a show called the Rubin Report. Its all about his new book coming out next year.


Love, love, love Jordan Peterson. Thanks for sharing!


But also why your 5 closest friends are what you will likely be like.

That is so true and so scary.

The worst influences in your life can be friends. Coming to the realisation that a friendship is actually toxic and must end is a horrible and painful thing. That has happened to me. Am I the only one here to have ever come to such a conclusion?